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Students get freedom to choose their career line

Students get freedom to choose their career line

Till now everything related to you is decided by your parents or guardians but after 10th you are free to choose your career related options. So what should I do after 10th? Now you have to take this important decision. You might get confused a bit in the presence of so many career options but after careful examination and discussion, you can emphatically choose the most beneficial and logically relevant career option for yourself.

Important decision in student’s life

Often Indian students after passing their tenth class get confused that what to do next? This decision of career line affects the entire life of all the students. At this time they stand on a path where these students have to take the most suitable decision regarding their future life and career line so that their future life can be happy and prosperous. If the students are not completely sure about this decision related to their career, then it becomes very difficult for these students to decide regarding their future career line. Similarly, if students take any wrong decision regarding their future career option at this time, they may have to bear the consequences for life.

Develop the ability to make the right decisions

Behind the success of any work, mainly the right decision taken at the right time has an important role. Therefore, before taking any decision, the opinion of your seniors, teachers or parents and guardians must be taken. Always keep in mind that it is true that the effect of this decision is far-reaching but it is not the last decision of your life. It happens. In fact, the demand for quality like decision making ability is very high in the job market. Whether you go to any field, this quality of yours is tested everywhere and on this your career depends to some extent. That’s why after tenth you try to take the right decision, which develops your reasoning ability and during this time you learn to look into the aspects related to life.

Major Career Options after Class X for Indian Students

‘What to do after class 10th exam, which stream to choose, should I choose a professional course or should I focus on traditional options, etc. are some of the questions that are asked almost every tenth pass or tenth. These arise in the mind of the students studying and they remain unnecessarily disturbed by this. In fact, the answer to these questions is directly related to their study and profession in future. Their main focus is on these two things. Therefore, it is natural to get upset by thinking about such questions during this time.

Major Study Streams for Students in India

After tenth the most difficult decision is to choose the stream. It is very important to choose the right stream. Because all future decisions are mainly dependent on this decision of yours.

Which subject should the students choose? – Sometimes students come under the pressure of their life herd mentality (herd mentality) and choose that stream which is completely opposite to their interest and ability, but because their friends or knowledgeable also do it. That’s why they too do the same. But this is a wrong practice and its consequences can be dire for you. So always choose a stream according to your interest, aptitude and ability so that you can get better results. Therefore, to help you in choosing the right stream, we are describing some important streams available after 10th –


Most Popular Subject – Science is the favorite subject of most of the students and almost every parent wants their child to study only from science subject. This stream offers many lucrative career options to the students like engineering, medicine, IT and computer science and also provides an opportunity to do research in various domains. The biggest advantage of choosing a science subject after 10th is that after taking it, they can take admission in any stream of arts or commerce later. On the contrary, if you have done 12th and graduation with arts or commerce, then you cannot take science in future, whereas those with science stream can choose any stream again.

As far as class 11th and 12th is concerned, you have to choose basic subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics along with some elective subjects like Computer Science, IT and Electronics. Apart from this, they will also have to choose a compulsory language based on the language of instruction chosen by the students. Also, apart from studying theory in class, practicals will also have to be done in the laboratory.

If you are interested in Engineering then you can choose PCM or Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics as core subjects but if you are interested in Medicine then you can take PCMB or Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics + Biology .


Best option for business – Commerce is the most preferred stream by students after science. If you want to go in the field of statics, finance or economics, then you have to choose this stream. If we talk about career, then commerce stream can lead to some of the most lucrative and high paying jobs like chartered accountants, company secretaries, accountants, investment banking and financial advisors. Courses have to be selected.

As a commerce student, you have to study core subjects like business economics, accountancy, business studies and business law. Apart from this, students will also be given basic training in accounting, auditing, income tax, marketing and general business economics as a part of commerce stream. Like science students, they also have to choose a compulsory language.


Creativity and Career – Arts is still a very preferred subject among the students, while opportunities are plentiful in this field. But nowadays people’s perception about this subject has changed and most of the students are preferring to take arts subject. It is offering some interesting off-beat and exciting career opportunities. Earlier the subject of Arts was considered right for only those students who were interested in research later, but now this perception has changed completely. Nowadays arts students have lucrative and satisfying career options like other streams. An arts student can choose career options like journalism, literature, social work, education and many more.

As far as the subjects are concerned, Arts students have the option to choose from a wide variety of subjects which include Sociology, History, Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics etc. They also have to select a compulsory language option.

Apart from this, some other things – In the last decade, there has been a lot of diversity in the education sector of India, due to this there are many golden career options after 10th. There are many short term certification courses, diploma courses, vocational courses and even some professional courses that you can opt for after completing your 10th standard. Being a class 10th student, it may be that you do not have the right knowledge of all the opportunities and challenges that come in the future, so take the help of a counselor in such a situation.

Students must consider these key points before deciding career line
Now that you are aware of each and every subject and streams, then it is time to decide which stream and subject is most important to you. But still, if you are not able to take the decision on your own, then there is no need to panic. Never such decisions related to life should be taken in haste. In order to make the process a little easier for you, here are some guidelines that you should follow-

Choose the course and career line according to your interests

Often we see that many professionals work with an unwanted mind and are seen grinding in their work on a daily basis. No doubt you wouldn’t want that at all. Always keep your interests and passions in mind to avoid such situations in life.

And your first step in this process should be to identify which subject or career option excites you. You can do something for it for the rest of your life and never be unhappy and dissatisfied with it, only then you can really enjoy it. So, no matter which stream you choose, first of all make sure you are under it Whether interested in the topics covered.

It is very important for students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

After assessing your interests, the second step for you is to assess your skills and abilities. If you choose one stream only on the basis of your interest but you do not have the right skill and ability to understand the subjects involved, then it will create a big problem for you in future. For example, you may be interested in primary science but science subjects taught at 12th level may seem more detailed and difficult. Suppose your basic arithmetic is very good but you may find maths taught in 12th PCM very difficult. So you will not be able to give better results in those subjects. Therefore, one should always do a complete analysis of his skills and abilities, understand his strengths and weaknesses and choose any stream according to his ability.

Students choose the right career option for themselves

Once you start identifying the things you are interested in, you are faced with so many and varied options, choosing all of which may not be the right decision. For example, suppose you love kite flying, but choosing it as a career option might not be a right decision.

Hence, you need to identify which of your interest areas can offer you good opportunities in which you can build a sustainable career. For this, you can take the help of a professional career counselor. They can help you analyze your skills and help you choose the right career option.

Students can also take help of others

Even after the above first three steps, if you still feel that you are confused and unsure about the stream selection, then you should consult your parents, professional counselor or senior after class 10th. Nowadays there are many other career options and opportunities are available in the market which are waiting for you after class 10th that you can opt for. Parents, professional counselors or seniors will always give you the right advice and help you a lot in choosing the right stream.

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