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Career in mass communication

Career in mass communication

market watch

With the launch of 70 new news channels in this field in the next five years, job opportunities are available in abundance. There is no dearth of opportunities for various positions especially for skilled trained professionals in journalism and films. Since India is the largest country in the world. Being a film producing country, there is always a demand in this field. Technically skilled media professionals can work for TV channels, production houses and they can also become independent documentaries.

international exposure

Many reputed international companies like Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, Disney Entertainment, CNBC, Warner Bros., Guardian Group, BBC, ABC are providing jobs for various positions and levels in this field. These international organizations not only offer attractive salaries Not only this, there is an opportunity to do many challenging tasks and Indians are also given priority in these places because of their English knowledge.

positive/negative aspects

Like any other career, mass communication has its positive and negative aspects. Your commitment and dedication in the field of mass communication, especially in the news business, is always at stake and you have to be prepared to sacrifice the time of your personal life. A journalist may have to work day and night to break the news. Similarly, those who work in the film and entertainment industry also work with zeal for their profession regardless of their personal lives. In short, the field of mass communication is job-satisfaction, name and fame, as well as challenging.

Leading Institute

  • AJK Mass-Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
    Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University, Bhopal
  • Symbiosis Institute of Mass-Communication, Pune

Various roles and designations

The following positions can be offered to a mass-communication graduate:
  • fashion photographer
  • film director
  • TV correspondent
  • producer
  • Radio Jockey/RJ
  • screenplay-writer
  • sound engineer
  • Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist
  • special correspondent
  • video jockey
  • art director
  • editor
  • events Manager
  • Public Relations Officer

Tips for getting a job

Apart from doing a course from the Institute of Mass Communication, you have the necessary qualities for this field and your interest in it can get you a job. Candidates who are willing to make a career in news media should have a good understanding of news and current affairs. But individuals with a global outlook are hired as reporters. Similarly, those interested in electronic media should have practical knowledge of video editing. Most media training institutes send their students for internships to various media companies that After the course, it ultimately proves helpful in getting them a job.


The world has seen amazing and unprecedented changes in communication technology and media in recent years. Today, technology has broken the physical boundaries and united the whole world. That is why the field of mass communication is today in terms of education and career. has become very important
The field of mass communication is not limited to journalism only, but it is such a truth of the modern era which is related to human life and almost all the fields related to it in some way or the other. There has also been a big change in the concept of working in the field of mass communication. Today, the field of mass communication has become not only high remunerative but also job-satisfaction and creative.

Step by step process

It was not long ago when people having a degree in literature and a high level of communication skills were considered suitable for journalism and allied fields, but the increasing interference of technology in human life has created a need for such trained professionals in this field. Today, when the popularity of blogs has increased a lot, it is being said that anyone can easily become a journalist, but after inspecting the ground reality, it is known that It turns out that trained professionals still hold their own separate positions.

Early debut

Unlike the engineering and medical fields, a debut in mass communication does not require any pre-existing theory or strategy preparation. One can start with a bachelor’s degree in this field, but can be qualified for key positions in any company. It is considered necessary to be a graduate. In the meantime, you can work independently for various publishers and online portals and improve your communication skills by writing on blogs. It’s important to be logical

Is this the right career for me?

To answer this question, you should do critical introspection. You must have the creativity to use words and the ability to communicate complex topics in the simplest form to as many people as possible. Hard work and patience are very important here because It takes time to reach the top in this field.

How much will it cost?

The cost of pursuing this course is high due to tuition fees and high expenditure on various projects, internship and field-work. Most of the institutes offering undergraduate level courses range from Rs.60,000 to Rs.2 lakh as annual fee. A three-year course may cost you around Rs.3 lakh. Similarly, a one-year post-graduate course from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication costs between Rs.40,000 and Rs.1 lakh. Jamia Millia A two-year postgraduate course conducted by the Mass Communication Research Center of Islamia costs Rs 1 lakh.


IIMC offers half of the annual fee as scholarships to the first two students in print media (Hindi and English) and electronic media courses. Many more memorial scholarships are awarded to students in this institute on merit basis. Scholarships are also offered on merit basis. Students can also avail loans up to Rs.7.5 lakh from nationalized banks like Allahabad Bank and Punjab National Bank etc. at low interest rates.

employment opportunities

A professional course in mass communication opens up possibilities for you in the fields of film and TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, film-making, script-writing and production, etc. In short, mass communication is an individual. Provides immense career options to the person after which he/she can choose the field as per his/her interest. High-paying jobs like Journalism, Acting, Directing, Editing, Writing, RJ, VJ, Production for talented and trending individuals. Opportunities are always available.

pay scale

Students from reputed institutes like IIMC, MCRC Jamia and Symbosys get jobs with lucrative pay scales while students from other institutes which are lesser known find it difficult to find a job. , 5000 to 25,000 monthly jobs are available, which can go up to 50,000 to one lakh after five years of experience.

leading companies

  • Dainik Jagran
  • Hindustan Times Group of Publications
  • NDTV Network
  • Zee TV Network
  • Times of India Publishing Group
  • Wicom
  • BBC
  • TV 18
  • Big Entertainment etc.

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