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Environmental Science

What is Environmental Science How to make a career

We must have some knowledge about environmental science, because it is an important part of our life. Environment should be understood from environmental science.

Environmental science kya hai career kaise banaye

People who love environment can make a good career in environmental science. Today, due to increasing population and cutting of trees, environmental pollution is increasing day by day. For its prevention, a career can be made in this field. Nowadays, in order to educate people about it, the government also conducts the study of environmental science online degree sitting at home. If you are interested in this, then you can feel free to do this study. Today there are many career opportunities in this.

What is environmental science

It is called environmental science in pure Hindi. It teaches about keeping nature in balance. In this, it is considered to understand the impact on humans and the environment and to solve it. Here it is solved scientifically by considering air and industrial pollution, climate change and groundwater prevention. Big environmentalists keep studying all these day and night and keep searching for their solution. So that we can have a safe life. That is their job.

How to make a career in Environmental Science

If you want to do any course or B.Sc in it, then for this you must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in 12th. Then you can do any course in it.

Environmental science courses

Certificate Courses
Certificate Course in Environmental Science
Certificate in Environmental Studies

Diploma Courses
Diploma in Environmental Law
Diploma in Environmental Science
Diploma in Environmental Protection

Bachelor Courses
Bachelor of Environmental Management
BSc in Environmental Science
BSc in Environmental Science and Water Management

Master Courses

Post Graduation in Environment
Master of Philosophy in Environmental Science
MSc in Environmental Management

Ph.D Courses

Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science

Environmental science careers

There are many options available to make a career here. You can get job on any post according to your interest. You can choose any option as per your interest from the options given below.

  • Engineer
  • scientist
  • researcher
  • lab assistant
  • Conservationist
  • protection agent
  • environmental journalist
  • senior officer
  • junior officer
  • computer analyst

Environmental science jobs

There are many government organizations of the Government of India like – NGO, College, Firm etc. Jobs can be found. There are also some private organizations where there are always chances of getting a job at a good salary. Apart from this, there is ample opportunity to work in places like Refineries, Food Processing Industries, Distilleries, Waste Treatment Industries, Chemical and Geological Companies, Environmental Chemistry, Pollution Prevention and Water and Sewage Treatment. Apart from this, you can also get a job in the Central and State level Pollution Control Board. Money is also available well in all these departments. You can feel free to search for jobs here without thinking much.

Environmental science salary

If you talk about getting salary in this, then first of all it has to be seen in which sector you are associated with. Sector means whether you are doing government job or private. Nevertheless, for the sake of information, let us tell you that in the beginning of this field, 25 to 30 thousand rupees are easily available in a month. Then with increasing experience, your salary can easily range from 50 to 70 thousand rupees. It can be more than this, but it depends on your ability, what you are capable of.

Environmental science institute

Here we are telling you about the best institute in India. Where most of today’s students like to study. If you also study from here then you will get success soon and sure.

1 – Lucknow University, Lucknow

2 – University of Delhi, Delhi

3 – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

4 – Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology, Indore

5 – Mysore University, Karnataka

6 – South Gujarat University, Surat

7 – Quantum University, Roorkee

8 – Manipal University, Karnataka

9 – Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

10 – Indian Institute of Environmental Management, Mumbai

If seen, then every human being should cooperate in keeping the environment safe, because from here we get pure air to breathe. This is how our life goes. By making a career in this field, you can improve your future and at the same time you can also cooperate in keeping nature safe. If you have even a little interest in this work, then this career will give peace to your heart. We and others believe so.

Friends, now you must have known that through environmental science degree, you can get a good job. Along with the increasing population, employment opportunities are also increasing in this. Earlier, due to less work-business, very few students used to take interest, but now it is not so. In view of the increasing demand of the times, now there are many employment opportunities in it. I mean to say that you must have understood that through environmental science, both good money and happiness of heart can be found together.

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