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CS Company Secretary Admission, Career, Course,

CS (Company Secretary) Company Secretary Admission, Career, Course,

What is CS (Company Secretary):

For the smooth running of any company, the post of a secretary is kept vacant, which is called CS i.e. company secretary. Whose course is conducted by ICSI (Institute of Company Secretory of India).

This course is usually of 3 years, in which there is some category in each year, that is, there is an examination twice every year, which is a complete semester examination.

And this is a completely self-paced course, that is, you can do this course from any coaching institute and along with it you can also do any other degree course.

Qualification :-

Now questions must be arising in your mind that what qualifications are required to do CS course or which faculty can do this course, then we tell for your information that if you want to do your .

If you have passed 12th class from Mathematics, Science, and Commerce Faculty, then you are eligible to take admission in this course or you have taken a bachelor’s degree and want to take admission in this course after graduation, then you can also take admission in this course. By doing your studies, you can give a better place to your career.

CS Syllabus Information:
If we talk about the course of three years, then there are mainly three stages in the examinations asked in it:

  1. Foundation Examination – This is the first stage, in the first year you read about this and there are about 4 papers under it which the student has to pass. Which corresponds to two semesters.

Foundation Course Syllabus :


  1. Executive Examination – This is the second stage examination, that is, of the second year, it is also divided into two semesters and under this students have to pass 7 examinations.

Module 1

Company Law
Cost & Management Accounting
Economic & Commercial Laws
Tax Laws & Practice

Module 2

Company Accountants and Auditing Practices
Capital Markets and Securities Laws
Industrial, Labor and General Laws

  1. Professional Examination – This is the exam to be held in the last year of this course, under which students have to get 9 papers, after passing which you have to do internship for a few months under the secretary of an institution or company. Only after this, you become eligible to apply for anything. You can download the syllabus of all these exams in pdf by clicking on the download button given below.

If you do this course after 12th class then you will have to get all the three (all) exams mentioned above but if you do this course after your graduation then you have to get the Foundation Examination to be held in the first year. It is not necessary that you have to start your studies directly from the second year i.e. Executive Examination.

Fee Structure :

After knowing so much about CS, now comes the turn of fees because it becomes a very important topic, keeping in mind that we choose any career option.

  1. Foundation Program – The fee for this course is around 4500.
  2. Executive Program – The fee for this course is approx. 9000.
  3. Professional Program – About 12000 fees are fixed for this final year course.
    The figures given above here may be slightly different for different regions but may be slightly higher, may not be much more than the figures shown here.

After doing CS course, you can become the following:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Bank and building societies
  • Employer’s cooperatives
  • Housing Associations
  • insurance companies
  • investment sectors
  • Trade bodies

Functions of CS:

In different types of company, it is the job of a company secretary that some rules have been made to run the company smoothly, which has to be seen and to see whether all the working systems of the company are running on the basis of that rule or not. Any type of meeting is not violating the rules of that company.

Salary :

After knowing everything about Company Secretary, now let us tell you about the salary in this field, after doing this course, you can apply in any company where your salary can be from 25000 to 40000 per month without experience. is | And after having your experience in this field, your salary may increase.

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