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Chief Courses of Financial Management for Students in In

Chief Courses of Financial Management for Students in India

You can conduct financial management courses after passing your 10 + 2 class. If you do not want to spend your too much time to do undergraduate courses, you can courage the diploma. However, if you want to receive Higher Studies, it will prove to be a great decision to take admission in the undergraduate course. Details of different types of courses in the field of financial management are being given below for your convenience:

Financial Management – Diploma Courses

Students can do the diploma course immediately after passing 10 + 2 classes. This course is 1 year.

Financial Management – Undergraduate Courses

The period of undergraduate course is 3 years in Financial Management. Undergraduate course is known as BBA degree in the financial management.

Financial Management – Postgraduate Courses

The period of postgraduate course in the financial management is 2 years. This degree is usually known by the name of MA / MBA degree in Financial Management.

Financial Management – Doctoral Courses

You can get a degree of doctoral course i.e. Philosophie (PhD) in Financial Management after receiving a postgraduation degree in any affiliate subject. The duration of the doctoral course is 3-4 years.

Information about Financial Management Course

Include all the subjects and issues under the financial management course for each industry associated with banking, financial services, NBFCs or corporate, which along with developing various management skills in their students, they have the best ways to all the financing company. Teach to handle. Therefore, in this article, we are discussing the career options available in the financial management for Indian students.

Job Profile of Finance Manager in India

Every Finance Manager’s work is to introduce financial reports and interpret the financial information so that the top management can take all necessary decisions on the basis of the financial status of the affiliate organization. The finance manager is busy making stratez to strengthen the financial health or economic condition of the organization. His work does not end here, they also do all the work related to costs, pricing, variable contracts, sales and revenues so that the profits of the organization can be increased. To run all the tasks of any organization, the finance manager is ‘Lifeline’ of that organization.

Eligible to take admission in the Financial Management Courses in India

Many recognized universities and institutes make financial management courses. Although, each college / institute has its own different entrance exams, eligibility processes and admission processes. Therefore, to get admission in these financial courses, getting information about the necessary conditions related to these courses is very important for you.

The first step in admission process is eligibility criteria. If you get complete information about Criteria mentioned in this section, you can apply bigger simplicity for the said course. Therefore, to apply in the financial management course, let’s get information about eligibility criteria for each level:

Diploma level

You can do Diploma Course in Financial Management after passing 10 + 2 class. This diploma includes basic details about Financial Markets, Corporate Finance and Business Fixed and Working Capital to do business.

Undergraduate Level

Even in the undergraduate level course, you can take admission after passing your 10 + 2 class in any subject. Generally the students who are passed with the 12th class commerce subject, they are given priority in admission.

Postgraduate level

After completing the graduation with a total percentage of at least 50% of a recognized university / college, you can apply to the postgraduate course in the financial management.

Doctoral level

In the field of Financial Management, you can take admission in the Doctoral Course as a Highest Level degree. After receiving a PhD degree from a recognized university / college, you can use the title of ‘Doctor’ ahead of your name.

Top Institutes to Make Financial Management Courses in India

Financial Management Courses are taxed by various B-schools in India. Course was offered by each university, Course of Other Universities may be different from Kirakulam. If you want to make your career in the financial management, then you see the list of different MBA Institutes outlined below. The ranking of these institutes has been issued by the Ministry of NIRF, Human Resources and Development (MHRD) and these rankings are appropriate to the students provided by the IIMS.

Serial number Institute Location

1 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

2 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

3 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

4 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

5 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

6 Indian Institute of Management Kozhikod

7 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

8 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

9 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

10 Xavier Labor Relations Institute Jamshedpur

Source: NIRF Rankings

Salary Prospects for Indian Graduates in Financial Management

When you choose a career for yourself, salaries prove to be an important factor. For Finance Management Graduates, there is no point of worrying about salaries because the industry gives a good salary to skilled and talented candidates, provided that they are expert in their work area and they are fully aware of the latest updates. The details of salaries given to Finance Graduates are as follows:

Year of work experience              Salary (lakh rupees)   

Less than a year 190000 -700000

1-4 years 240534 – 1211501

5-9 years 487126 – 1530296

10-19 years 401482 – 2014703

20 years and more 481653 – 2442522


Top Recruiting Organization for Finance Managers in India

There are many opportunities of jobs for candidates who specializing in the domain of finance. Whether it is a firm or a company or any, banks, government department and agency, educational institutions etc., there are highly job options for professionals related to finance domain in all institutes. Therefore, according to the ranking given by ‘’ here, there is a list of the most special Indian brands in the financial field. You can choose one of the best brands for your own. Let’s read:

  • State Bank of India
  • LIC
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Canara bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • SBI Capital Markets Limited
  • Bajaj Capital Limited
  • DSP Merrill Lynch Limited
  • L & T Finance Limited
  • Carv group

Career Scope Affiliate from Financial Management Courses in India

In the field of financial management, there are many opportunities for jobs for skillold professionals so that the empty posts of organizations can be filled. Whether you have a diploma, degree or doctoral course, you are given the desinance and salary in the industry based on your education level and work experience. Therefore, come back to the current Hiring Trend in the field of financial management in all business world:

Major Job Titles for Financial Management Graduates in India

For a fresher, getting a job in a financial firm, company or market, its career is a basic basis. The role of the Finance Graduate is very dynamic because it is necessary to cooperate with other department of the organization and if it is necessary, they have to talk to the customer. Here are some popular job designations that can join the Finance Graduate after completing their course:

  • Finance manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial auditor
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Ekuari
  • Accountant
  • Investor Relations Associate

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