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Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Fees For Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate?

Depending on the private college chosen in your respective state, a civil engineering degree will cost between Rs 60,000 to 1,00,000 per year. Apart from this, if you clear the National Entrance Exam

If you are successful in taking admission in any top college like IIT or Delhi College of Engineering, then this fee can vary. Or as an option you can do MBA in Sales and Marketing and Professional in Real Estate Agencies can apply for job

Grants / Scholarships

State Bank of India provides education loan if you want to borrow loan from any bank. It provides loans up to Rs.75 lakhs. Since it is a government bank, its payment process is secure.

Job prospects in Infrastructure and Real Estate

In the real estate and infrastructure industry, jobs are available on posts like Real Estate Sales Executive, Property Manager, Estate Manager and Professor.

Whereas professional job sites provide many technical job opportunities. If you are civil engineer or architecture then you can do job in construction company. By the way, it is a bit difficult to work in the construction field as compared to other fields.

Apart from this, the job of civil engineer, infrastructure manager, store or warehouse manager and inventory executive etc. is also included in this field.

Salary in Infrastructure and Real Estate

The starting salary of a real estate sales executive is 15000 which can increase up to Rs 50,000 depending on the business you have brought in. If you have been appointed on commission basis, then you will get salary or incentive in proportion to the business you bring.

As a civil engineer, you can be selected as a structure manager in top companies where your salary will be 20,000 or 25,000 per month.

Demand and supply

The demand for Civil Engineers is less as compared to IT Engineers and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. Although their salary is good and they also get a chance to go abroad.

Under infrastructure marketing and engineering, the work of buying machines for construction is also done. By the way, their supply is more than the demand.

Market watch

The real estate and infrastructure market is generally growing despite economic crises like the 2009 global recession.

Every day the newspaper sees more than 1,000 advertisements about new constructions, IT parks, commercial spaces and group societies. For example

Construction groups like DLF, Raheja or Hiranandani put up discounted prices per square foot for sale of one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments and personal villas in newspapers to attract customers.

Presently these groups are providing good flats for middle class families focusing on metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai.

Therefore, the number of engineers, architects and construction managers is more in this field.

International focus

Most of the important builders like Raheja and Hiranandani use the latest machines, processes and technology for the construction of buildings and IT parks. For example, if you consider the sky scrapers of the hi-tech cities of Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, these buildings are much more than 20 storeys high and stand on solid steel pillars and latest technology construction techniques. These techniques have been borrowed from developed countries like USA, Japan and Germany.

In short, it is quite possible that we will get to see advanced cities like Chicago and New York within India in a few days.

Positives / Negatives

• Due to the rapid technological development happening in this field, many job opportunities will be created.

• Real estate professionals, be it builders, constructions, sales managers or engineers, the earning opportunities are quite high for all. Also, all of them should have complete knowledge of selling skills and relationship management.


• This industry sees a lot of ups and downs. For example, during the recession of 2009, due to lack of funds, many real estate professionals became very vulnerable.

• The job in this field is risky and may require traveling and large amount of investment. If one has stocks and shares, the risk may increase further depending on the rise and fall in the market prices.

Interview Tips

When you go to interview for the post of Sales Manager or Engineer in a real estate firm, you should pay special attention to the following points
  • Keep a list of your contacts and friends ready, by contacting them, you can do any business or get a job.
  • Stay updated with the latest construction technology. Try to tell the employer that you have correct and updated information about all modern technology.
  • Dress properly and speak good English. Presentation is very important for all sales professionals and engineering professionals.

Different roles, different names

Real estate means the construction of buildings connected with home office etc. Whereas in the business of infrastructure, construction of big bridges, IT parks etc. is done. In both these fields, the responsibilities of the employee are similar but their role and scope are completely different. In this industry, the sales manager does the work of sales. Just like sales managers of other professions do sales work. Like a sales manager in a bank sells loans or mutual funds and credit cards. Engineers and sales managers get good salaries in this industry as compared to other industries.

top 10 companies in india for Infrastructure and Real Estate

  1. Ambuja Realty Group
  2. DLF Building
  3. Sun City Projects
  4. Merlin Group
  5. Magic Bricks
  6. Home for You
  7. NK Relator
  8. 99acres
  9. Mittal Builders
  10. K Raheja Construction

Introduction Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Infrastructure and real estate is one such sector which has the potential to change the face of the country and make an individual excellent career. However, this area full of challenges is extremely beneficial. In this field you can generate a lot of money for yourself and at the same time you can also get a sense of satisfaction of doing something for the country.

To make a career in infrastructure and real estate, a candidate should have all those qualities which are required to set up your own business. For this you should have good connections in the industry. Some of the industry to do business or get business You should have good and strong relationships with big people. Apart from this, it is also necessary for you to have a strong selling skill for buying and selling of lands, plots, flats, houses or villas etc.

The infrastructure and real estate industry in India has been facing economic crisis since 2009 due to the global economic slowdown. Due to this, many consultants in the infrastructure and real estate industry have become unemployed. However, the situation is stable now and the construction work has started again. In both these industries, the main source of earning is the flats, plots and land, which is sold to earn money.

Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Generally students want to run their course from their twelfth distance learning by doing courses related to infrastructure and real estate. But to understand the technical side of this field or to get jobs in infrastructure and real estate, candidates have to go to any part of the country. Must have a degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering from an engineering college. Apart from technical jobs, MBA in Sales and Marketing or International Relations or MBA in Business Communication can be done to open your own construction company. The kind of role you will be given in this field, sales manager, sales officer, construction officer etc. are prominent.

The following skills are required to work in this field –

  1. Construction and all technical aspects related to construction
  2. Market rate per square foot of flats, land and plots in different areas
  3. Current Status of Stocks and Shares of Various Companies
  4. Various marketing, sales and pricing strategies to attract customers
  5. Relationship with a large network of shareholders or buyers

If all the above mentioned qualities are present in you, then you can very easily be successful in making a mark in the field of infrastructure and real estate.

Get your start fast Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Based on the above mentioned things, if you want to start a real estate business of your own, then you can make your contact in the industry to start your business at your own risk for Raw Material, Supervision and Labor. You can also take a loan from the bank on the basis of your business. Apart from this, you can also apply for jobs after doing civil engineering course.

Is this the right Careers in Infrastructure and Real Estate for me?

If you have the desire to earn more money, the passion to work 24×7, the ability to guide and supervise a team of builders, consultants, labors and site managers, then Infrastructure and Real Estate is the right career for you.

The main responsibility of a builder is to buy old properties, disputed land, flats and plots and make them legally salable property. Apart from this, they also have to do sales work. They should also have very good knowledge of coordination skills to take their business forward. You may find it a bit difficult to get a job in this field in the initial stage but it gives you a chance to earn a lot of money as compared to other business.

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