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Career in Hospital Management and Administration

Career in Hospital Management and Administration


Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other medical establishments are viewed with great hope by the sick and suffering. Like any other business, medical establishments are organized institutions. These Institutions follow very complex procedures for their day to day functioning for which they always need skilled manpower.

Hospital management and administration are concerned with all the tasks related to organising, coordinating, planning, staffing, evaluating and controlling health services for the public. Its main objective is to provide quality healthcare to the people and that too at a low cost. Professional hospital administrators have proven how to manage institutions efficiently and successfully at any given time.

The hospital industry in India has witnessed a significant growth, which has increased the demand and popularity of courses related to hospital management. The demand for professional administrators in hospitals is increasing rapidly as the way of working in hospitals is very different from other organizations. Hospitals are expected to provide 24 x 7 x 365 quality service.

the urgent nature of the hospital’s work and the level of efficiency that is expected; Because of these, the need for various well-designed hospital management courses is increasing. Apart from this, various educational institutions have started offering hospital administration courses in India. What can be more than this, after making a career in hospital management, you achieve 2 goals of your life, such as, good pay-package and service to humanity, both together.

Career in Hospital Management and Administration

There is a need for a specialist in every field and this holds true for the hospital industry as well. Earlier, senior doctors were responsible for performing the work of a hospital manager in addition to their normal medical duties. But now the time has changed. Earlier there were only hospitals. Now, hospitals are also classified as general hospitals, special hospitals and super-specialty hospitals.

Moreover, there are many complexities and processes involved for successful management in a modern hospital. Due to this, there has been a huge demand for such skilled professionals who can efficiently manage the day-to-day work of hospital management and administration. Highly trained professionals are required for smooth functioning of a hospital.

The first step to a successful career in hospital management and administration is to obtain an undergraduate degree in hospital administration. To get Bachelor’s Degree in Hospital Administration (BHR), you need to secure 50% marks in aggregate in your 12th class and have to study Biology as a compulsory subject. To get a Postgraduate Degree in Hospital Administration (MHR), you must have a graduation degree in any discipline. This program is available for both medical and non-medical students.

Many institutes offer certificate and diploma courses in hospital management. You can also do short-term, distance learning courses in this subject. The Indian Society of Health Administrators (ISHA) offers a 1-year distance learning program in Hospital Administration and Nursing Administration. Apart from this, Tamil Nadu Open University also offers 2 years Distance Learning MBA courses in Hospital Administration.

Start early

First of all, after passing your 12th class, you can do a course for this profession. If you have good organizational skills then you will get good guidance from this course towards this particular career in later years of life.

Is Career in Hospital Management and Administration the right for me?

To become a successful professional in this field, you must have a service-oriented mind and the ability to work continuously for many hours. Apart from this, you should have a high emotional level to remain relaxed in the very stressful environment of the hospital.

Other essential characteristics include quick decision making skills, positive attitude towards work, ability to handle work pressure and public-population. If you are accustomed to work well within the stipulated time frame, you have excellent communication skills and leadership qualities, then this career will prove to be the right career for you.

How much does fees?

The annual fee for the three year BHA program is approximately Rs.40,000/-. Similarly, the cost of doing MHA program is around Rs.10,000/- per semester. This course of 2 years duration consists of a total of 4 semesters.

The above is only the average cost for pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course in hospital management and administration. But the actual cost may vary from institution to institution.


Various state governments provide scholarships for SC/ ST/ BC students. The criteria for fee waiver, scholarships and financial aid are as per the norms set by each academy.

Job prospects

The importance of healthcare can never be diminished and the number of organizations providing healthcare services is also increasing continuously. There are more than 2.5 lakh healthcare organizations in India where there is a need for excellent hospital administrators and managers.

With the increasing need of high professionalism in India, the importance of hospital management courses is also increasing. Various government and private hospitals are now competing with each other to provide the best quality healthcare services to the masses across the country. In this regard, the demand for professional hospital administrators is increasing continuously.

Pay scale

The salary of an administrator working in a middle grade hospital is around Rs. 30,000/- per month. The annual remuneration/remuneration of an administrator in a super-specialty 1000-bed hospital usually ranges up to several lakhs of rupees.

Demand and supply

The healthcare concept in India has undergone a lot of changes in the recent years. Nowadays people have started understanding the importance of healthcare very well, due to which their expectations have also increased a lot and the demand of people for high quality medical care and facilities is increasing continuously.

Nowadays a large number of private hospitals and clinics are providing healthcare services to the people all over the country. Owing to the ever-increasing demand for quality of healthcare and patient satisfaction, there is a great need for individuals with professional qualifications in hospital management.

Watch the market

The Government of India is making special and tireless efforts to provide healthcare services in rural and urban areas of the country. Due to the involvement of more and more private businessmen in the hospital industry, the demand for skilled administrators and managers will continue to increase.

Nowadays super-specialty hospitals are being developed on a large scale due to which the demand for hospital managers and administrators has also increased tremendously. Apart from this, doing a professional course in hospital management not only gives you job options in various big and small hospitals but you can also do jobs in various corporate, private and public sectors.

  • international focus

With the growing importance of medical tourism, this sector also presents possibilities of global recognition. If you are talented and display good work ethics then you can progress very quickly in this field. There is no limit to your dreams and ambitions in the exciting and fascinating world of Hospital Management and Administration.

positive / negative aspects

positive aspect

Under the job of hospital manager or administrator, you will meet different types of people.
You will get satisfaction by working in such a place where people come to avoid their diseases and get health again.

It is a tough job where you have to be ready for your duty almost all the time.
A lot of work pressure is an integral part of this job profile.
different roles / different names
Generally, medical graduates care more about the technical aspects of hospital administration and non-medical graduates handle the operational aspects of hospital administration. Usually this work includes work related to IT management, technology decisions, health services and staff management along with working under the prescribed budget.

You can work in many positions like Hospital Superintendents, Deans or Directors of Medical Colleges, Medical Directors, Nursing Directors. Other jobs include the posts of Head of Departments and Administrators who have important management responsibilities. For the smooth functioning of any hospital, the hospital manager is responsible for all the work and management of his hospital.

Top companies

  1. Government and Private Hospitals
  2. Health Agencies, Laboratories and Clinics
  3. National and International Healthcare Organizations
  4. Health Insurance Companies
  5. Medical Colleges and Institutions
  6. Healthcare Centers and Nursing Homes
  7. Mental Health Organization
  8. Public Health Departments and Rehabilitation Centers
  9. Pharmaceuticals and Hospital Supply Firms
  10. Medical Software Companies and Hospital Consulting Firms

Important tips to get a job

For a career in hospital administration, you must possess certain qualities such as innovative attitude, responsibility, self-motivation and selfless devotion to humanity.
Medical managers are responsible for thousands of employees as well as very expensive equipment and facilities when providing health services, so you need to be able to make effective decisions, interpret data, and understand information systems and finance.
Postgraduate degree or MBA degree in this field is desirable.
You must have excellent communication skills as you will be in touch with people all the time.

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