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Carriers in Human Resource Management for Students and Young Professionals in India

HR Manager’s Job Profile- Carriers in Human Resource Management

Due to being a Human Resource personnel, your responsibility and accountability is made because this department cares valuable Human Capital and Human Capitol runs the core business. From the day when an amplidge is recruited and as long as he works in the Amploi organization, all the needs of Amploies are responsible for the responsibility of salaries, welfare programs, training, adrespective, promotion, gravement etc. HR department. HR manager supervises everyday functioning of the organization and has to make HR managers in this regard to employ Amplise for a long time.

All Specializations of HR Management

There are many specializations in the field of Human Resource Management that will help you make a great career in this industry. Although a specialization course you only have limited opportunities related to that course are present, but this gives you a chance to achieve job offers where skilled professionals are lacking. Therefore, there is a description of some such specializations that often give HR recruiters special importance.

Recruiting and Staffing – Carriers in Human Resource Management

The most important work of the HR Department is to continuously apply your time and labor to complete the work of recruiting and staffing. Therefore, if you do a specialization course in this field, then you will become an important officer or employee responsible for higher empty employees on empty positions.

Machinery and Reward Management

Salaries and companies are other major aspects of keeping the amplies in any organization. The HR department pays major roles in sharing salaries each month. This department also reviews the empolies on time. According to the company’s financial condition, it is also very important to determine the salary of the Amplio. Therefore, if you want to specialize in this area, always be prepared to respond to salaries, PF, companies, bonuses, incriments and other related questions by Amplisay.

Training and Development – Carriers in Human Resource Management

Your career is a necessary part of the development which keeps the Amplisay updated from the industry’s latest development. This is the duty of HR employee that arrange the training to provide adequate assistance to the employees of their organization. Actually, collaboration with management to provide a training planner will become your KRA.

Labor and Employee Relations

This specialization is suitable for all HR personnel because some law or rules are such that all organizations have to do for the good of their employees. The government has made some rules that ensure the scope of working each organization. Under this specialization, you will be conscious of your rights and will be able to save amplice from Amploer’s exploitation.

Career Prospects in Human Resource Management

If you are considering making your career in Human Resource Management then you have no need to think about it again. This is a perfect decision because you get the opportunity for shocking development in the context of Job Designation and Salary Incredible in this field. Consider these two aspects and then seriously consider whether the career option for you in Human Resource Management is the best or not.

Salary package for Human Resource Graduates in India

Salary is a basic factor which makes any career options spectacular or unimportant. Keeping this fact in mind, if you do HR courage, you will be very happy to know your salary. Salary Prospects are quite good in this field and you start getting very good salaries in the years after your career. Read the salary details given below:

Year of work experience

Salary (lakh rupees)

Entry Level

Rupee. 176,839 – Rs. 965,999


Rupee. 347,645 – Rs. 1,306,762


Rupee. 456,653 – Rs. 1,790,997

Late career

Rupee. 295,655 – Rs. 2,387,960

Top Recruiters in Human Resource Industry in India

There are many opportunities in the field of Human Resource. HR Department is definitely in all Industries related to service and manufacturing sector and the main work of HR employees has to supervise all the work related to the well-being of the organization. For a HR Graduate, there are some top brands that keep special places in HR recruiting domains.

Here are some top brands which are major businessmen in the field of HR recruitage and you can provide a great launch pad to make your superb career in HR.

  • Cali Services
  • Adko india
  • Randstand india
  • IKYA
  • Aon
  • ABC Consultants
  • Manpower group
  • Teamlies
  • RH Factor
  • HR footprints
  • Eske Management Solutions
  • Peepalvis consulting
  • OBOX HR Solutions

Importance of Human Resource Management Course

All the functions of the HR department are very important for successful operation of any organization. Different work in any affiliate company or office handles various work HR department such as salaries, Amploi Rules and Regulations, Machinery and Leave Policy so that there is a system and discipline in that organization. HR Department works like his backbone to keep every Small Scale Industry or Multinational Company operating 24×7 smoothly. Therefore, you can become an integral part of any organization on the course of Human Resource Management.

Career Prospects in Human Resource Management

If you are a student or young professional who are considering starting their career in Human Resource Management, then this decision will prove to be a perfect decision because you get the best opportunities for Job Designation and Salary Incredence on Specializing in this field. . Think seriously about this, various career options in Human Resource Management can prove to be a Most Survey Career Choice for you.

Entrance Exams to take admission in Human Resource Management Courses in India
In order to take admission in professional courses, the Marks of the Entrance Examination are the main part of your valuation approved by all institutes. Therefore, for your convenience, the list of important entrance exams is being given so that you can get admission in HRM courses:

Diploma level – Carriers in Human Resource Management

In order to give admission to HRM courses, every state conducts its separate entrance exam which is organized by the Polytechnic Institutes of that state.

Undergraduate Level

To take admission in Undergraduate Course, you can give the entrance exchanges of the universities being presented below.

  • DU JAT
  • NPAT
  • Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)
  • Postgraduate level

You can give the following MBA Entrance Exams for Postgraduate Level Courses:

  • CAT (Common Admission Test)
  • AIMA-MAT (Management Aptud Test)
  • XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)
  • IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade)
  • SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test)
  • NMAT by GMAC
  • CMAT (Common Management Admission Test)
  • IBSAT (IBS Aptitude Test)
  • MICAT (MICA Admission Test)
  • MAH – MBA / MMS CET (Maharashtra MBA Common Entrance Test)
  • Doctoral level

To take admission in PhD Course, you can give the following exagencies:

Research Management Aptitude Test (R-Matt)
Symbiosis University PhD Entrance Exam
XIMB-RAT (Research Aptud Test)
IIT Delhi PhD Admission Test
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University PhD Entrance Test
Aligarh Muslim University PhD Entrance Exam
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Entrance Exam
Top Institutes of Human Resource Management Courses in India
Each year NIRF releases rankings for those Best Institutes, which offer Accelent Placement Package, Superior Faculty, Great Infrastructure Support and the Best Research Opportunities. Students who want to make their career in the domain of student / candidates HR, the list of some top institutes is being offered, where you can make your superb career in HR field by taking admission:

SN      Institute                 Location

1 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

2 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

3 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

4 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

5 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

6 Indian Institute of Management Kozhikod

7 Indian Institute of TechnologyN Kharagpur

8 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

9 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

10 Xavier Labor Relations Institute Jamshedpur

Source: NIRF Rankings

Major Human Resource Management Courses in India

Students can do HR courses only at lower age. You can apply for HR courses with admission in a diploma course and further can increase your education to the doctoral degree. The rapidly growing field has also provided a lot of jobs in many other industries along with the corporate sector. Let’s now discuss various courses that you can do under Human Resource Management:

Diploma courses

Students can do the diploma course immediately after passing 10 + 2 classes. The duration of this course is 1 year and 6 months.

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate course in HRM is known as BBA or HRM in HR. Generally, the period of any undergraduate course is 3 years.

Postgraduate Courses

On completed the postgraduate course in Human Resource, you are provided MA / MBA / PGDM degree in Human Resource Management. Usually a postgraduate course period is 2 years.

Doctoral courses

After receiving a doctoral degree, you can set the title of Dr. Next to your name. In Human Resource Management, the doctoral program is known as PhD i.e. Doctorate of Philosophy. The duration of the doctoral course is 3-4 years. This period depends on the thesis subjection guidelines.

Major Job Titles for Human Resource Graduates in India

Job Titles Show your order in the organization or Hyderki. These organizations also indicate your role in the chart. Therefore, job designation is greatly important for a fresher because it is the place or level that in which 5 to 10 years, people will be able to investigate their career. Some popular job titles are being given below in the field of HR Management:

  • HR general
  • HR recruiter
  • HR Specialist
  • Machinery manager
  • Amplile Relations Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Change Consultant
  • Technical recruiter

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