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BAMS Course, Career and Scope

If you do not know about BAMS Kya Hai, then BAMS is the degree of ‘Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery’, it is a five and a half year degree which also includes 1 year internship. Which is done after 12th class. Ayurveda is given utmost importance in India. If you also want to get information in BAMS Course Details in Hindi, then today we will give you complete information about it.

It is one of the best therapy systems in the world. This therapy not only cures the disease but also eliminates the disease from its root. To get education in Ayurveda, one has to do BAMS course. Do you also want to become an Ayurvedic doctor?… So for this you have to do BAMS Degree Program. Let us now know BAMS Full Form and B.A.M.S Course Details in Hindi complete information.

What is BAMS

BAMS Meaning in Hindi is ‘Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery’. BAMS is a certified course in Ayurveda, which is an undergraduate degree offered for Ayurvedic Medical College. This course is recognized in the country by the Central Council of Indian Medicine. BAMS after 12th is of 5 साढ़े years duration, which includes one year internship. You can do BAMS In Hindi course from any private or government college.

You can take admission in B.A.M.S from many medical colleges. BAMS Course Duration is of 5 years 6 months. Along with Ayurveda, the BAMS course also includes the education of modern medicines. The degree of B.A.M.S holds a very important place in the Indian education system. In this, students are taught to treat with natural herbs.

If you want to get degree in Ayurveda and you want to do BAMS course then you have to fulfill BAMS Course Eligibility. Let’s know BAMS Ke Liye Kya Kare:

Qualification For BAMS

To do BAMS, it is necessary to have 12th Pass with Medical Science. In 12th, your subjects should be Chemistry, Biology, Physics Subject and you have secured 50% or more marks in the examination.
The minimum age for admission in BAMS is 17 years.

BAMS Admission Procedure

For admission in BAMS, you have to be successful in some of its major examinations. In this, apart from the All India Entrance Exam, various types of entrance examinations are conducted at the state level.

The Syllabus for the Entrance Examinations of B.A.M.S is based on 12th. Some of its major exams are as follows.

  • National Institute Of Ayurveda Entrance Exam
  • Uttarakhand PG Medical Entrance Exam
  • Kerala State Entrance Exam
  • Common Entrance Test (CET), Karnataka
  • Ayush Entrance Exam


BAMS Course Fees Structure is different in Government and Private Colleges. BAMS Ki Fees Structure State Wise also varies.

If we talk about private college, then the fees for a year can be 50,000 to 70,000. Apart from the Fees of the whole year, if we talk about the Total Fees, then the full Fees can be from 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

BAMS Syllabus

First Year Syllabus:

Ayurveda Nirupana
Dravya Vigyan Niyam
Pratyaksha Pariksha
Samavaya Vigyanam

Second Year Syllabus:

Vyadhi Vigyan
Mishraka Song
Basic Pathology
Diseases Of Rasa Vaha Srotas

Third Year Syllabus:

Preventive Geriatrics
Pancha Kosha Theory
Garbha Vigyana

Fourth Year Syllabus:

Bāhya Snehana
Kshara and Kshara Karm
Virechana Karma

Benefits of BAMS

If you do BAMS course, then it will give you the main benefits which you will get to know further.

After becoming an Ayurvedic doctor by doing BAMS, you are provided a very good salary which can be 40,000 to 50,000.
If you want, you can also open your own Ayurvedic Medical.
Can work as Junior Doctor in any Ayurvedic Clinic.
This field is such in which research also has a lot of work, so by doing this course you can also join research.
If you become an Ayurvedic doctor, then your life style will change completely and a different identity is also created in the society.
There are other benefits that are available to become an Ayurvedic doctor after doing BAMS course. These were the benefits of doing B.A.M.S which you get after doing BAMS course.

Scope of BAMS Course

After doing BAMS course, you must have thought that BAMS Karne Ke Bad Kya Kare. Are you also getting confused and are not able to understand what to do after BAMS, then we tell you that there is a lot of scope in this field, so what can you do after BAMS course, know next.

  • Therapist
  • Product Manager
  • Medical Representative
  • Work in Nursing Home
  • Dispensaries
  • Research Institutes
  • On Duty Doctor
  • Work In Healthcare Community
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Category Manager
  • Pharmacist
  • lecturer

BAMS Doctor Salary

Is the same thought coming in your mind that what will be the salary in this field.
After doing BAMS, your salary will be around 40-50 thousand and it also depends on your job profile. But still, after doing BAMS course, if you become an Ayurvedic doctor, then you are offered a very good salary.

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