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Certificate Course in Nursing, College, Salary ,Scope

Certificate Course in Nursing

Certificate Course in Nursing is a complex and challenging profession. Nursing should learn and practice many skills because they run from their initial level to advanced levels in their careers. At the basic level, nursing students must learn psycho motor skills to perform various procedures and treatments.

At the higher level, working nurses need to implement theoretical and evidence-based information that reduces performance. Certificate in Nursing Skills is an excellent curriculum to meet these learning needs of nursing students and working nurse professionals.

The Professional Nursing Skills includes essential hygiene skills ranging from basic hygiene and important signals to blood administration and surgical aspsis. Each module is stand alone as a teaching and learning tool, which can be combined with appropriate content of nursing courses in theory, laboratory and clinical areas to fit best with your curriculum.

All modules are self-books and interactive – they have audio and video clips, as well as step-by-step processes. Case Studies As Practice Challenges Each module consists of pref-etching and testing to assess student learning.


Eligibility For Certificate Course in Nursing

Nursing student who pursuing B. Sc Nursing, GNM & ANM also working in nursing professional can apply for this course.Course Duration Of Certificate Course in NursingThe duration of this course is 6 to 9 months prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council.

Benefit Of Certificate Course in NursingNurse is able to validate your skills and knowledge through the certificate. There are various benefits to go through this process. Patients, families, employers and nurses benefit from the fact that nurses are certified in their specialties.

A certification will assure families of patients that their carers or their loved ones are knowledgeable and skilled. Being able to reassure patients and their families is an integral part of the healthcare industry.Constant improvement in skill and fitness creates an environment of professionalism and gives a good retention rate for medical facilities.

There is also a way for the certified medical staff hospitals to separate themselves from the competitors in the market and show them to the patients that the line available to them at the hospital is at the top of the staff.
By being certified, nurses are capable of adding credibility and certification to their skill set and can position themselves for proper identification.

Career Prospect of Of Certificate Course in Nursing

A nursing certificate opens many opportunities in nursing education, hospital management and other areas of medicine. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that by 2020 more than two million new nursing careers will be created, which will make this area one of the highest growth rates among all businesses.

After completing your degree in nursing, you will need to get certified before starting the practice. For this, you have to take the National Council License Exam (NCLEX). You must first apply for a license through your state board of nursing and fulfill the eligibility criteria defined by your specific state.

It does not take long time in the certification process – the amount of time required to certify will depend on the degree path you took before the certification process.

For example, a collaborative degree program will take two years, four years in undergraduate degree and two years in master’s degree. Nurses can also be certified through professional associations, such as in areas such as gerontology, childhood disease or ambulatory care.

Salary After Certificate Course in Nursing

The average starting salary is Rs. 6000 To Rs. 9000 Per Month. It increased as per experience.
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Top 10 College For Certificate Course in Nursing
1.Symbiosis College of Nursing – PuneCourse Name: Advanced Certificate Course in Critical Care Nursing         
Course Fees : Rs. 10000.00
2.IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University-Delhi
3. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute- Ashok Nagar, Delhi
4. Parul University- Vadodara
Course : Certificate in Nursing Care                                 
Course Fees ₹ 70,795 | 1 years | Full Time
5. Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare, GTB Nagar, Delhi
Course : Certificate in General Duty Assistant                 
Course Fees ₹ 12,000 | 6 months | Full Time
6. Centre for Hospital Human Resource Development- Nana Peth, Pune

Course : General Duty assistant [GDA]                             
Course Fees ₹ 10,000 | 6 months | Full Time
7. Baba Farid University of Health Sciences-Faridkot
Course : Certificate Course in Hospital and Home Based Care                                                 Course Fees ₹ 10,000 | 1 years | Full Time

8. Institute of Paramedical Science and Management-Dwarka, Delhi
Course : Certificate in Medical Nursing Assistant             
Course Fees: Not           6 months | Full Time
9. University of Technology-Jaipur
Course : Advanced Post Graduate Certificate in Operation Theater
Course Fees ₹ 45,000 | 1 years | Full Time
10. Faculty of Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute-Agra
Course : Certificate in Nursing Aid                                 Course Fees Nil | 1 years | Full Time

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