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Career options after PhD

Career options after PhD

It is a common misconception that PhD is a training based study module to become a university professor. Yes! This is a true idea to some extent but, the field of PhD extends far beyond the academic field. Fewer people join the academic field than those who get a PhD degree. The employment scenario in India and other countries at the international level is changing very rapidly. Because of this PhD students have also been forced to think carefully about their purpose of joining the academic field. Nowadays, PhD graduates are looking for various options in writing, research, investment banking, law and many other allied fields.

PhD – It is more special than the degree

You won’t get a great job just feeling proud of having a “doctor” eraser on your degree. It is great that you are a PhD graduate. However, a PhD is more important than just a degree as it gives more importance to research activities based on training and knowledge. The PhD involves the ability to solve critical problems with an excellent understanding of research issues as well as in-depth research work and highly specialized analytical and observational skills. A PhD graduate must learn to work continuously for many hours, analyze and solve complex problems and handle each and every situation calmly. These qualities are very important not only for an academic expert but also for other fields like research, finance and public service.

job prospects after phd

First of all, you have to understand very well that the value of PhD degree is calculated according to the knowledge and skills. You must have both these traits to get mastery in your desired career. Now, let us discuss some of the best career options after doing PhD: Generally, the most preferred jobs after doing PhD are university professors, industrial R&D lab professionals and start-ups mentors. Industrial Research and Development Organizations have dedicated PhD groups that engage in research activities and designing of new products as well as important strategic meetings. Compared to development centres, the average salaries of industrial R&D labs are quite good. This clearly shows that an engineering graduate with 5 years of experience gets less salary than a fresh PhD graduate who has just joined industrial R&D labs.

In some cases, development centers hire PhD graduates for various jobs, but their salaries are similar or slightly higher than those for specialized R&D. The salary structure and designation of a PhD graduate joining a research lab or development center is always higher than any other graduate even if other graduates have a good work experience.

How has the trend of PhD changed over the years?

The introduction of start-ups has changed the entire PhD environment. Until recently, the scope of PhD was limited to academic field only. However, nowadays, a mix of academic field and start-ups has given many new options to PhD graduates. Now, as start-ups have become storehouses of innovation and improvisation, PhD graduates want to work in a new and emerging organization to develop their knowledge-based skills to design new products through their exceptional research and development capabilities. be able to use. Nowadays, PhD graduates are looking for work in a star-up environment so that they get good work experience and then, they join the academic field, where they can use their skills and expertise in a productive manner.

Future of PhD graduates in academic field

Academic field has become the first choice of PhD graduates because here they get great salary package with complete freedom to work. In most of the cases, academic sector jobs also include many other benefits like free accommodation. There is also a chance for PhD graduates to work in another country. Overall, while hiring PhD candidates, most organizations often look at their prospective candidates’ superior analytical skills and ability to solve complex problems quickly.

Important factors to know your potential after doing PhD

Once you complete your PhD, it is the right time for you to apply for jobs based on your suitable skills and expertise, after knowing your qualifications. Although, it is not a very difficult task for you to analyze your skills well at the level of PhD, yet, the criteria given below will help you to understand your true potential better. Let’s read:

PhD Projects

Expertise and Skills

Writing a 75,000 Word Thesis

You are proficient in analysing, planning and collecting information in a productive manner.

data analysis

Ability to analyze and present complex data. You specialize in numbers or calculations

conducting interviews

Ability to conduct structured interviews from a diplomatic approach with exceptional skills in research.

Testing and Doing Experiments

You are proficient in problem solving and have a positive approach.

Publishing various reports as well as presentation in conference

Ability to present complex projects in a comprehensive and precise manner. You have excellent communication skills.

Timely completion of PhD

Ability to handle and complete difficult projects in a given stipulated time.

Organizing Research Seminars

The ability to lead from the front and have great confidence.

This list will give you a very good idea of ​​your ability and will help you in locating your skills and expertise at different levels of the job. In this way, you will be able to present your qualities and skills very well in front of the recruiter.

In the meantime, even if you are a PhD graduate with a lot to write about, don’t create a lengthy resume for yourself. Usually, employers ignore such resumes. Then, all your efforts will go in vain. Before starting your first job, you should also keep the following points in mind:

Take a practical approach to your job prospects and set achievable goals.
Always remember that you and your clan (including educational qualifications lower than you) will be treated as equals in the organisation.
Find out about the important and popular words of the field you want to enter.
Keep yourself updated with important market trends.
Even after doing PhD, you may get less salary than you expected. In such a case, accept this fact and move on.
If you are moving from academic sector to start-ups or industrial R&D firms, then be fully prepared about the changes that are going to take place in relation to independence and salary issues.

Career Choices after PhD

From the financial sector to the public sector, PhD candidates are present everywhere as they are no longer limited to working only in the academic sector. Nowadays, after completing their PhD, professionals want to work in a corporate environment from the field of academic research to make the best use of their skills. Note that if you want to work in the banking sector then you must have a PhD degree in finance. This is necessary because this change from academic research can go far beyond your study area.

Below is a list of some popular PhD specializations along with job sectors for your convenience:


work area

PhD in English Literature

college professor

PhD in Linguistics

Public Sector and Science Communication

PhD in Pharmacy

medical research centers

PhD in Chemistry

Analyst at Chemical Research Centers and Laboratories

PhD in Geology

Head of Service in Geological Centers

PhD in Law

Advisory Positions in Government Sectors

PhD in Biology

science writing

PhD in Nutrition

scientific advisor

PhD in Biochemistry

patent lawyer

PhD in Molecular Biology

Medical Research and Development Centers

You must remember that to achieve excellence in your career after doing PhD, you will always have to experiment and learn as well as do innovative work. If you are considering to break away from the academic field then you have to prepare yourself for the tough market challenges along with the freedom to work.

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