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Career in teaching


A teacher’s responsibility towards a child is probably more than that of his parents. Since the child not only receives education in the school but also acquires the moral values ​​of life from his teachers.

Whether it is teaching job at school level or college level, the most important thing to take up teaching as a career is you should have the ability to exchange ideas. On the one hand, as a school teacher, you educate the soft mind of the children, on the other hand, in the college environment, you interact with the students on an intellectual level by behaving friendly with them.

There are many opportunities available for teachers in India in subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Science etc. In this age of internet where information is available in more quantity with the children than required, the demand for good teachers has definitely increased more. With the introduction of virtual classroom teaching by some schools, the opportunities for teachers have increased even more.

A bachelor’s degree in education can be achieved after graduation or along with it, after which you can easily get the post of teacher in any school. Generally, the post of teacher in government schools is considered prestigious. But if you want to take the knowledge of modern modes of teaching, then you should look for a job in a private school.
To start a career in college teaching, you need to get a master’s and then a doctorate degree. After that you will also have to pass the entrance exam.

Step by step process

The B.Ed curriculum is designed to develop theoretical, practical and analytical abilities in the prospective teachers. A traditional BEd course covers the following topics:
  • education theory
  • Education and Development Psychology
  • Information Communication Technology and Instruction System
  • Evaluation and Selection of Education
  • subject learning
  • practical test
  • group discussion
  • live presentation
  • communication with students

By training the teachers in the above mentioned subjects, the college develops the qualities of understanding and handling the students in them. Many colleges also provide placements to the students.

Some of the best BEd colleges in India are: JSS Institute of Education, Bangalore; College of Teacher Education, Agartala; Indira Gandhi B.Ed College, Karnataka; AG Teachers College, Ahmedabad and National Council of Teacher Education, New Delhi. Apart from these there are institutes like IGNOU (Indira Gandhi International University) which have a fixed syllabus:

To get admission in these colleges, you have to go through entrance test and interview.


If you are a student and want to make teaching as your career, then first of all you should know about the colleges which are conducting B.Ed course. Apart from this, you should also have the desire to increase your knowledge while teaching the students. If you want to make a career in teaching then you can start with the following step-by-step method after completing your schooling or even during college:

Collect information about colleges conducting B.Ed course. For example, you can start from the university located in your city itself. If you live in Delhi, then you can see about it on the website of Delhi University. Similarly, you can collect information about other universities as well. Be sure to explore at least 4-5 options.

List which colleges give admission through entrance exam. Write down the possible topics that can be asked in the exam and start preparing for them. If you can’t do that then have a look at your 12th marks as they can get you admission.
Make a list of schools and colleges where you can apply after completing the course. This is because you can get a job as soon as you leave college.

Is this the right career for me?

Teaching as a career should be chosen by those who are always ready to share information and knowledge with others. The biggest advantage of this career is that it does not have long working hours. A teacher can easily deal with domestic and other personal problems by returning home after 8 or 9 teaching sessions.

Perhaps this is the reason why women like this career the most. However, nowadays men are also appearing as full time teachers. Apart from traditional subjects, physical education and sports, yoga and arts and crafts have also emerged as the preferred subjects in teaching.

How much will it cost?

The cost of B.Ed course will be around Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000, although some universities are also running this course at lesser fees.


Generally, there is no need to take loan for B.Ed but still you can take loan up to Rs.7.5 lakh from banks like State Bank of India.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities are good for teachers. Work timings are also fine. A teacher usually takes classes from 8 o’clock to 3 o’clock, although teachers in colleges have the freedom to set their own timings, but even there classes are conducted in famous colleges only till 4-5 o’clock.

There may be a lack of opportunities in reputed colleges and universities, but after taking a degree in education in private colleges and schools, one can easily get a job.

Pay scale

The pay scale is good in government schools and colleges. A primary teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya can easily earn from 20,000 to 25,000 according to the level of the class. Here they also get allowances for living, commuting and health. On the other hand, private schools give more than 15,000 salary which depends on the level of the class and the qualification and experience of the teacher.

You can earn at least 40,000 rupees monthly and above by teaching in colleges but the selection process for the post of lecturer and professor is very complicated and you have to clear many entrance exams for this.

Demand and supply

The contribution of a teacher in the society is very important as it lays the foundation for the future of the country. The recently enacted “right to education” law has brought many opportunities for education for the children of the village. There is already a dearth of teachers of all subjects in India. Now the demand will increase day by day. Till now the supply of teachers was short due to low wages, but recently the government has taken some steps to improve the situation.

Market watch

There is always a shortage of qualified teachers in the market. With the opening of public and private schools and private colleges and universities everywhere, the demand for lecturers and professors is at the highest level.
Be it Amity University, Birla Group of Institutions or MIT Ghaziabad or any other private MBA college spread across the country, everyone needs qualified professionals for teaching.

Nowadays schools are introducing virtual learning classrooms, while in most of the schools, computer has been taught as a compulsory subject from class 5 onwards. In such a situation, IT professionals are also looking at teaching as a career option.
Apart from this, institutes like NIIT, Aptech, CSC, CMC have created possibilities for trainers in the field of programming. Many post graduate students do part-time jobs in these institutions with the aim of earning extra money.

International exposure Career in teaching

Today teaching is not limited to face-to-face teaching, but has expanded to online web teaching and e-learning. So the opportunities in this field have increased manifold. Retired teachers with 20-25 years of experience can give online tutoring today.

It can be very possible for rural students to study through this medium.
Although the education system is very different in countries like UK and US, but everywhere the opportunities are many in this field and at the same time it is one of the most respected profession.

positive/negative aspects

The field of teaching gives you an opportunity to exchange ideas and increase your knowledge. Teaching is also a fun experience if the students present in the class are enthusiastic and passionate about learning. There are very few chances of getting bored in this profession.
Teaching is an honorable profession in all countries. Its timings are also according to the convenience of the person.

This job will give you less money as compared to other corporate jobs.
While the salary is very low in some schools and colleges, there are also some schools and colleges where the salary is very high. Due to this discrepancy in pay, the level of education is badly affected.
In India, considering the interest of the student in the particular subject, the teacher’s focus is more on the curriculum than on teaching.

As a result, the practical methods of teaching difficult subjects like mathematics are neglected. When these subjects are taught in theory, students find it difficult to understand them.
Role and Designation

Teachers in an organization are known as Learning and Development Professionals, Coaches and Trusted Mentors. Those who have completed their psychology course can teach important things of life and person management as a counselor. Thus the same person, though known by different designations, has more or less the same role everywhere. Basically the job of the teacher is – to provide education to others and to make their technical and personal development.

Some of the Leading Teacher Recruitment Schools and Colleges in India

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (CBSE Syllabus)
  • Schools run by the State Government or Municipal Corporation / Municipality
  • Schools affiliated to other boards like ICSE
  • Universities approved by University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • Technical University approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Some tips for getting employment

If you have applied for a teaching job somewhere, keep the following things in mind:

Why do you want to choose this profession or what is the importance of this profession in today’s India, keep answers to such questions ready. Prepare your answers keeping in mind your teaching profession and your interest in the chosen subject and teacher and student life.

  • Since teaching work is seen as a respectable profession so don’t insist on demanding higher salary especially when you are applying in a government institute.
  • Do complete research about the institute you are applying to before the interview.
  • If the school or university is private, you can show your person-management abilities and say that you are always there to develop your skills over time with the help of media such as the Internet and other magazines. stay ready. This is because private institutions require more global knowledge than government institutions.
  • List some principles of teaching as per your interest and give examples during the interview.
  • Must carry certificates of awards received during student life or in previous job.

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