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Career in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Infrastructure and real-estate related expenses

The annual cost of doing civil engineering degree from a private institute in your state will range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1 lakh. But if you take admission in any institute like IIT or Delhi College of Engineering after passing any national level entrance exam then the fee will be different.

You also have the option of doing an MBA in Sales and Marketing and getting a job in a real-estate agency.


If you are willing to take loan from bank then there is no better option than State Bank of India which gives you loan up to 7.5 lakhs. Since it is a nationalized bank, the loan repayment methods are also safe.

Tips to start employment in infrastructure and real estate

When interviewing for an engineer or sales position in a real-estate firm, keep the following in mind:

Always keep a list of your friends and acquaintances with you, on the basis of which you can bring business for the company.
Keep yourself updated about new technologies and construction companies. Tell your prospective employer that you have knowledge of market prices and new technologies to come.
Speak good English and wear decent dress as presentation is most important in this field whether it is sales professional or engineering professional.

Various Steps to Build a Career in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Generally, students do courses in this field after 12th through distance education if they want to run their real-estate business. But to get technical knowledge and get a job in this field, you have to take a degree in civil or construction engineering from engineering colleges spread across the country. Apart from technology related jobs, in this field you can start your career with a construction company by doing MBA in Sales and Marketing or International Relations or getting a degree in Business Communications. Depending on the work of different companies, you can start with positions like Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Construction Executive.
Here you also need to have knowledge of the following areas:

  • Technical aspects related to building and construction
  • Tracking the market price of houses/plots/lands and news related to them in different areas
  • Tracking stocks and shares of various companies
  • Knowledge of marketing, selling and pricing strategies to attract customers
  • Large network of shareholders and buyers
  • If you keep your preparation solid in these subjects then you can make a special place for yourself in this field.

Career Scope in Infrastructure and Real Estate

If you have the desire and passion to earn more money and if you can guide the team of builders, consultants, laborers and site managers by working hard 24 hours a day, then the infrastructure and real estate sector is for you.

As a builder, you have to buy cement, lime masala, bricks and other raw materials and fix the laborers and architects. The builder’s work is also to make the old, mortgaged and disputed land, plot or house legally correct and make it salable. Now the next step comes to sell the property for which you need to be a good coordinator.

Although you will find this a difficult task in the beginning, but from a long-term perspective, it will prove to be a profession that earns more money than any other profession for you. Especially in India where websites like, and are providing the facility to buy and sell properties all over the country. These websites simplify the process by becoming a medium between the buyer and the seller. Another way to increase business is to advertise in newspapers.

Demand and Supply in Indian Infrastructure and Real Estate

Although the demand of civil engineer is less as compared to IT, electronics and telecommunication engineer but once you get engaged in these companies you can get very good salary package and you can also get a chance to travel to countries like Japan.

Infrastructure marketing and engineering also includes buying new technologies and machines. The supply of Engineers is more than the demand in this sector.

Introduction to Infrastructure and Real-Estate and Career in Infrastructure and Real Estate

Along with changing the face of every country, infrastructure and real-estate also provides great career opportunities to young professionals. Although professionals have to face many challenges in this field, yet, you get the satisfaction of doing something for your country along with earning a lot of money.

To make a career in this field, you should increase your contact list by increasing your acquaintance with people continuously, so that your business can also grow continuously. You must have high level of selling skills to buy and sell land, plots, flats, houses and villas.

The Indian real-estate industry has also suffered a lot these days due to the global economic slowdown, due to which many real-estate consultants lost their jobs, but now the construction industry has gained momentum again. In the infrastructure industry, a lot of money is earned by selling flats, big bridges, commercial space at a higher price than the cost.

If you want to start your real-estate business, then through your contacts you can arrange raw material and labor from the market. Bank can also give you loan. Similarly, you can join any suitable job in this field by taking a degree in civil engineering.

Employment Opportunities in Infrastructure and Real Estate in India
You can get positions like sales executive, property manager, estate manager, IT manager – real estate and professor in the infrastructure and real-estate sector.

These websites provide many opportunities in the technical field. Even if you are a civil engineer or an architect, you can be a part of the construction team. The construction sector job is more tedious as compared to other field sales jobs.

On the other hand, the infrastructure sector includes civil engineers, infrastructure managers, store or warehouse managers, and inventory executives.

Market watch

Barring a few exceptions like the 2009 global economic downturn, the real-estate and infrastructure market is always on an upward trajectory. Every day thousands of advertisements are published in the newspapers for new constructions such as IT parks, commercial spaces and group societies. Construction groups such as DLF, Raheja and Hiranandani offer discounts on one, two, three-room apartments and villas on a per-square-foot basis to attract customers.

Currently, these groups are providing affordable options for middle-class families in metro suburbs like Mumbai and Chennai.

In view of this, many jobs of Engineer, Architect and Construction Manager are being created.

International exposure

Big builders like Raheja and Hiranandani use new machines, processes and advanced technologies in the construction of buildings and IT parks. Take the skyscrapers set up in the hi-tech cities of Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai. All of them are more than 20 storeys high and with the help of new advanced technology are supported on strong steel pillars. These technologies have been imported from countries like USA, Japan and Germany. In short words, today it has become possible to establish a modern city like Chicago or New York in India.


Real-estate means building properties for home or office. On the other hand, the business of infrastructure involves developing large bridges, roads and IT parks. Although both types of businesses employ employees, they are assigned the same type of work, but their work area can be small or large. In the real-estate industry, a sales manager brings business to his company by selling assets in the same way that a sales manager at a bank sells loans, mutual funds or credit cards. This industry has a different place in the market and this sector pays more salary than many other industries especially engineers and sales officers.

Infrastructure & Real-estate – Top Indian Companies

The top ten real estate companies in India are:
  • Ambuja Realty Group
  • DLF Building
  • Sun City Projects
  • Merlin Groups
  • magic bricks
  • home4u
  • nk realtor
  • 99acres
  • Mittal Builders
  • K Raheja Constructor

Positive/negative aspects of starting a career in infrastructure and real estate


Due to the rapid technological development of this field, the job prospects have increased.
Earning opportunities are there for all real-estate professionals be it builders, constructors, sales managers or engineers. All you need is sales and relationship management skills.


There are many ups and downs in this area. It was in the recession of 2009 that many real-estate professionals went bankrupt.
This is a risky job as it involves a huge financial investment and may require more travel. If you have invested in shares or stock market, the risk increases further due to market volatility.
Pay Scale of Infrastructure and Real-Estate Professionals

The starting monthly salary of a real-estate sales executive can range from 15000 to 50000 depending on the amount of business you bring. If you work in the realty or mortgage department of a bank or private finance company on commission basis, then you can get unlimited income in proportion to the business relationship.

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