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Career in BPO, Scope, Growth, Pay Scale

Career in BPO

Career in BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Indian BPO/KPO along with providing jobs to thousands of people has also provided them with the best pay scales and an opportunity to work in an international environment.

These companies make young Indians work for their foreign clients by offering them job offers at attractive salary packages. These companies offer jobs in data-entry, medical transcription, content writing, HR and financial services.

BPO offers its services for all types of business but KPO is associated with knowledge and information based services and higher education is required for this. Some examples of KPO services are Legal Services, Intellectual Property and Patent Services, Engineering Services, Web Development, CAD/CAM Applications, Business Research and Analysis, Legal Research, Medical Research, Publishing and Marketing Research (Market Research KPO). The jobs of these two sectors differ greatly from each other according to their complexity, pay and nature.

Career Scope in Indian KPO/BPO

Career in BPO is the best option for the students who like to take the challenge. Apart from working more hours, there is also pressure to complete the work within the stipulated time. Since the timings are very odd here, you should always be ready to sacrifice your routine. But the pace of development here is more than many industries.

Job Opportunities in Indian KPO/BPO

Today countries like US and UK prefer to outsource jobs to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Asian countries, due to which there are good prospects in BPO/KPO.

If you are fresher then you can search BPO process job on various job sites through internet. And if you are experienced person in IT or any other field and want to join BPO/KPO then you can have opportunities in these departments. These are Operations Management, Content Management, Research and Analytics, Legal Services, Training and Consultancy and Data Analytics etc.

Demand and Supply in Indian KPO / BPO

There is always a demand for BPO employees. For example, companies hire data entry operators, shipment executives, web designers and graphic designers to work as publishers in the US and UK, which usually requires a diploma or certificate course in multimedia. You can get a job in BPO even if you do not have an engineering degree in computer science. Therefore, the supply in this area is almost in line with the demand.

On the other hand, for a job in KPO, you have to be highly educated. The demand in this field is high but the supply is less as there is a shortage of persons with higher education in the country.

Market watch

Due to the globalization of the market all over the world, the pace of development of this sector is not going to slow down, at least in the coming ten years. Because of this, there are many options for working from home today.

international exposure

Due to low labor costs in Asian countries, the world’s top companies providing publishing, information technology, knowledge management, financial and legal services are outsourcing jobs to these countries. In such a situation, for such youths who come from village to city in search of work, this sector has opened doors of opportunities for them. As a result, the youth are not only standing on their own feet and looking at things financially but also providing financial assistance to their families.

Process to start career in Indian KPO/BPO

You do not need to be very educated and experienced to work in BPO. You can directly get a job here after finishing school or college. The challenge here is to be faster and more professional in your work. You should have no problem working in shifts. If you have excellent communication skills then you can start with the field of customer service. If you are technically competent in IT then you can apply for posts like Technical Support Professional.

KPOs require more educated and qualified persons than BPOs. Typically a BPO deals with functions such as data entry, data processing, department outsourcing, technical support and customer service, while a KPO deals with research and development, financial advice and services, advanced web applications, business and technical analysis, learning solutions, animation and design. , business and market research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical services, writing and content development, legal services, intellectual property research, data analysis, network management and training and mentoring.

Therefore, for the job in KPO, you should have knowledge of the particular area.

For students who have completed their schooling and looking for part-time jobs, BPO is the best option. You can get a decent salary worth your pocket money initially in positions like Customer Support Executive, Technical Support Executive or Process Executive there.

Joining BPO since college days helps you develop the courage and understanding to tackle real-world challenges at an early age. On the other hand, for admission in KPO, you have to complete further studies. For this you can also complete your Masters degree.

Pay Scale in Indian KPO / BPO

The starting salary of a BPO employee can range from 7000 to 20000 rupees monthly. Salary is decided in this field only after looking at the complexity of the work and the shift. Still, one thing is certain that the career in this field progresses very fast. Here you can also provide leadership to a team or a group after a very short time. It requires only one thing that is good performance.

If you want to get a chance to go abroad with job then you should apply in KPO after completing your education. On the other hand, there are very few opportunities to go abroad in BPO.

Positives/Negatives of Indian KPO/BPO

Opportunities are many in this field. There is no dearth of options for you to enter BPO.
The development of this region has accelerated the pace of development in many countries of Asia.
This area has provided livelihood for many families living in poverty for years.

  • The work pressure is very high in BPO/KPO. Due to disturbances in the sleep cycle of many individuals, medical guidance is needed.
  • Given the relatively less flexible timings and volume of work, the pay scale is less. Due to which the employees sometimes feel exploited.
  • As there is no law for BPO/KPO in the country so far, companies keep the reputation and self-esteem of the employee at bay. There is always a risk of losing the job here, which makes the person’s career unstable.
  • Major Companies of Indian KPO / BPO
  • According to the information technology sector industry regulatory body Nasscom, the top-10 BPO companies are – Genpact, WNS Global, IBM Daksh, Aditya Birla Minix Worldwide, TCS BPO, Wipro BPO, First Source, Infosys BPO, HCL BPO and EXL Service Holding. .

Tips to get employment in Indian KPO / BPO

To get a job in an outsourcing company, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

Always be ready to work day and night without hesitation and for long working hours.
In the first few years, focus all your attention on rising one level to become a team-leader and then try to become an operations manager. After becoming Operations Manager, look for better opportunities in another company.
Initially join at 9000 to 12000 salary and move forward after that.
If you are highly educated and have excellent communication skills, you can also ask for a higher salary. But if you join on very low salary then you can also be a victim of exploitation.

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