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BA Course BA Full Form

BA Course BA Full Form

After doing 12th, BA is the course in which there are maximum admissions, but most of the students do not have complete knowledge about BA, what is BA course? How is it done? What are the subjects in BA?

Every year lakhs of students study 10+2 from arts subjects in India. After this, most of the students go to college for BA studies, but before taking admission in the college, it is very important for every student to have complete information about this course.

what is BA

BA is a course done by the students for graduation. The duration of this course is 3 years. The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts. In Hindi it is called Bachelor of Arts class. BA course is done after passing 12th class.

BA is the most followed undergraduate degree / program in India after passing the class XII. The graduation of all the subjects related to Social Science and Humanities comes under Bachelor of Arts course.

There are two types of BA Course; 1) BA Pass Course which is called only BA, BA General or BA Simple and 2) B.A. Honors. (BA (Hons). Generally, most of the students do BA Pass Course. If a student wants to go to services like UPSC, then he does BA Honours.

B.A. in any university or college The eligibility criteria for taking admission in the course is 12th pass or any other equivalent degree from any recognized board. In some universities, it is necessary to have a minimum of 50% in 12th for admission in it.

Apart from arts, students doing 12th from other streams (science, commerce, agricultural) can also take admission in Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Different institutes have different rules for BA exams i.e. exams. Most of the universities have a semester system for BA courses. In this, examinations are conducted twice in a year for BA students. Apart from this, ba exams are held annually in some universities ie annual (once a year).

BA degree is completed in three years, but many universities also offer MA along with BA, so the integrated BA + MA course is a 4-year course.
How to take admission in BA, how to do BA
There are many universities in every state of India to do BA course and lakhs of colleges are affiliated from those universities. BA can be done from any of these colleges which offer Bachelor of Arts degree.

Every university has different rules for taking admission in BA. Many top universities conduct entrance exams for admission in BA courses, while in many universities admission is done on the basis of 12th class marks i.e. merit.

If a student has very good marks in 12th class then he can do BA from state key or country’s top university/college while average students (based on marks) can take admission in BA from other university or college.

Apart from this, students have another option that they can also do BA from the Open University sitting at home. In this, students do not have to go to college, only exams have to be given and sessional work (projects) have to be done.

Admission in BA is done through online medium by almost all the universities. Like a student has given 12th exam and wants to do BA, then go to the website of the university from which he wants to do BA and fill the admission form. After this 4-5 merit list is issued by the university. If the name of the student appears in those merit list then he can take admission in BA from that university.

If a student’s name does not appear in any merit list, then he can do BA from a private college. Admission in these colleges is done through both online and offline mode.

While doing BA i.e. while taking admission in BA for the first time, this question comes in the mind of the students that b.a. How many subjects have to be taken in the exam because students are leaving school and shifting to college for the first time and they are not aware about it. Let the students know that 5 subjects have to be taken in BA. Out of these, 2 subjects are Compulsory while 3 are core subjects.

Students can choose both Compulsory and Core Subjects as per their wish. Compulsory subjects’ exams are held in the first year only. Once clearing these, students have to give exams only for core subjects.

Note: Most universities have this system, but in many universities the rules for BA subject combination are different. This information can be obtained from the official website of any university.

Where to do BA course

Bachelor of Arts i.e. BA can be done from any college. Students who have passed out can take admission in their state’s top university, city’s major colleges or any regional college for BA course. Apart from this, students can also take admission in BA through distance learning from open universities like IGNOU, VMOU.

Here we are giving the list of top BA colleges in India according to NIRF 2020 survey.

Miranda House College, University of Delhi
Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Hindu College
St. Stephen’s College (Private)
Presidency College.
Admission in BA 1st year in these colleges is done on the basis of merit list i.e. the higher the marks/percentage of the student in 12th, the more chances of admission in these colleges. Let us tell you that admission in these colleges is done only after having marks around 95%.

If a student is not able to choose a college to do BA, then he can choose a BA college for himself after consulting parents, siblings, elders or school teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions about BA Course

What is the full form of BA
The full form of BA is bachelor of arts.

Which subject is there in BA
BA has all the subjects of Arts.

How many years is BA course
BA is a three-year course i.e. it takes three years to do BA.

How many semesters are there in BA
There are two semesters in BA every year and the total is 6 semesters.

What is the Hindi meaning of Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts Hindi meaning is Bachelor of Arts class. It is also called graduation in art class.

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