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BSc home science Course, Eligibility, Scope & Career

BSc Home Science

For students passing X or XII, there is a option in the form of B Sc Home Science after Science, Commerce and Humanities stream. In terms of careers this option is not very much discussed between students and parents.


BSc Home Science
BSc Home Science

What is BSc home science Stream

B Sc Home Science is a stream which is misconstrued to be considered for girls only, not knowing in the correct context. Parents know the girl education as important , but they only give them skilled of managing the house and its functioning .

Home science is a Home based education. In which useful skills are also , trained in many types of jobs , So it is not right to say that this stream is only useful for girls.

The benefits of the training under B. Sc Home Science stream can also be increased by the boy to increase employment efficiency.

Home management, with a modernized and scientific approach to the welfare and supervision of home and family life, is essential in changing social situations. The task of providing education and useful training to meet this need is done by B Sc Home Science. This is an education focused on ‘Better Lifestyle’ and the basic point of its concept is the creation of family ecology.

B. Sc Home Science Course, Eligibility, Scope & Career

Admission in bsc home science

The Admission Process In B. Sc Home Science is two types , first entrance based and second is merit basis. You can submit the admission application form and go for the entrance and merit.

Eligibility For bsc home science

The eligibility for B. Sc Home Science is 10+2 examination with essential marks from a recognized school or college.

Course Duration

The B. Sc Home Science is a three year undergraduate course, divided in six semester.

Course Fees

The average course fees of B Sc Home Science is Rs. 3000 To Rs. 150000 depending upon the college offering the course.


B. Sc Home science education starts from the 12th standard, but in detail its studies start with graduation. After graduation in B. Sc home science, it can be enrolled in its 2 year M.Sc Home Science course.

After the research related to study can also be done. Under the courses of B. Sc Home Science, there are five main areas – Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabric and Apparel Designing and Communication. All subjects are in the first year of the graduation course , while later students can be specialized in any topic.

Salary & Career Prospect After B. Sc Home Science

With B. Sc Home Science candidates can get initial salary of Rs.1 – 1.2 lakh as an apprentice and after having experience in a particular area, there can be more than 2 lakh rupees as nutrition and dietetics.

Top Institutes Offering B. Sc Home Science Course

Opportunity After B. Sc Home Science

  • Employment opportunities
  • Merchydiser or designer in the field of textile
  • Nutritionist or dietician in the hospital and food sector
  • Monitoring of housekeeping work in tourist resort, restaurant and hotel
  • Functioning of cantering facilities in academic or working institutes
  • Supervision of construction and production of food products
  • Resource Management
  • Family Counselor
  • Social work and human development
  • Research and teaching work
  • Self employment in the field of textile, food, baking and confectionery

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