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How to score 200 out of 200 in the JEE exam without learning?

Over 200 views will be a crab for you if you follow the following tips to Score in JEE Exam

The syllabus for JEE is huge and you have to study smart and equip yourself with exam related material. Here is a list of top 10 tips, which can help you in JEE with a very good score.


Read-only relevant content, do not waste your time to Score in JEE Exam

There are many books on JEE in the market so far. Students try to solve coaching packages from many institutes, read the same subjects from many different books, and then they get nowhere. Gather knowledge, not books. Do not pay attention to the extra baggage of books used to show others.

Follow the standard books, and get previous year papers with a decent question bank. If you are in a coaching institute, solve their contents. They are all almost identical.

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Even if you solve 10000 questions, there will be a question which is new for you.

Practice with a timer

When I practice I can solve all those questions at home, but cannot solve them in the test. Ever felt it?

If yes, then you are not doing yourself any good. Practice in a mock exam environment. Always use a timer during your problem-solving session. This will help you build a comfort level with timed tests. You will learn to manage your time better.

Take advantage of the test series

If you are in a coaching class, you probably already have this facility. But if you are doing self study, then enroll yourself in a good test series. It helps you gauge your performance relative to others across the country and identify your weak and strong points.

Please try them with the same honesty that you will show in the actual exam. Prepare before taking these tests. Use these tests to help build your confidence before the real exam. If you are not serious during practice, the actual performance may not be good.

Follow NCERT completely. Get their books on their explorer problem

It deserves special mention. JEE Main is conducted by CBSE. So, the exam is definitely based on the material provided in these books. NCERTs are really important! Supplement your studies with exemplary problems. You can find all kinds of problems here. Single Choice, Multiple Correct, Matching Following, Assertion-Causes etc.

Use effective modification techniques

Recurrence is now the key to retention. Keep revising your formulas and notes. Especially in the Chemistry section. Modification is an art. You do not read each page of the entire chapter once again.

In your first attempt, mark the important sections and problems that you are not able to solve. When you modify, try these first. See the theory only when you need it. Make your own notes. This helps to remember things easily.

Study with a plan to Score in JEE Exam

The one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Since we plan anyway, why not plan our studies? Monthly and weekly breakdown of topics you want to cover. Try to follow this schedule. Stay ahead if you can. Without planning, a lot of time is wasted on short chapters, and long ones are rushed. This leaves gaps in preparation. We do not want that. Can we?

shoot for 270 or more

Often times, students avoid guessing. If they are aiming for 200, they attempt 200 marks questions. The obvious result is that they score less. Attempt at least 70-80% of the paper. It is very important. Guess wisely by eliminating options when needed. Remember, if you want to score high, you need to put more effort.

Try Chemistry First

Okay, you can use your decision here. Based on past trends, chemistry paper is the easiest and can be solved in about 30-40 minutes. You can use the saved time to solve the Physics and Mathematics section. Solving more questions at the beginning of the exam will also boost your confidence.

Stay healthy. Eat good food

Yes, it will help you get more marks. A fresh mind thinks better. Avoid pizza, burgers and fatty food for a few months. Such foods make you lazy. Eat healthily, stay healthy You will study better and score more.

Relax and do not rush

The colder your head, the better you perform. Often we see a problem that we have solved before and quickly tick the answer. Only to find out that we checked the wrong option. Even if you have seen the question before, avoid being blinded. Solve it until you are sure of your choice. Plan well and you will have enough time.

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