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Course After 12th : Career, Scope & Job

Course after 12th

We are going to provide career counseling guidance for students who want to make a Course after 12th . We refer to those students who are of science group in class 12th, Science students can attend JEE Main  and NEET for admission to the top engineering and medical colleges in the country.

Science has been one of the most popular streams of study among students. It is the leading stream for popular courses, like engineering and medical . For students of science after 12th, the option of courses is huge.

Science students can choose studies in Science or Applied Sciences at under graduate and postgraduate level.

There are too much professional careers that require science at the 10th.

One of the major benefits of science students is that they are eligible for all science and non-science career options, which is not in the case of arts and commerce students.

Course After 12th

Course After 12th Science

After passing 10 + 2 in Science, selection of courses at the UG level becomes a major turning point for giving direction to one’s career.

It should be an important decision with a good understanding of that course for which the selection is being made.

In this article, we will look at some most popular course options which can be selected after 12th science.

The beginning of decision takes place after 10 standards, when students of science wisely choose their combination.

While physics and chemistry are stable and students can choose mathematics or biology.

Know how your course combination in twelfth grade will affect your future choices.   There are seven types of science course

A. (i) Course After 12th – Science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)     (ii) Course After 12th – Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) B. Engineering Course After 12th

C. Management Course After 12th

D. Medical Courses After 12th Science

E.  Law Courses After 12th Science

F.  Diploma Courses After 12th Science

G. Art & Humanities Courses After 12th Science

course after 12th
course after 12th

A (i). Course After 12th Science PCB

There are many courses after 12th Science PCB, details are mentioned below.

  1. B. Sc (Biology)
  2. B. Sc Nursing
  3. B. Sc Agriculture
  4. B. Sc Home Science
  5. B. Sc Dairy Technology.
  6. B. Pharmacy
  7. Biotechnology
  8. General Nursing.
  9. Paramedical Courses
  10. BMLT (Bachelor In Medical Lab Technology)
  11. BAMS
  12. BHMS
  13. BUMS
  14. BDS
  15. MBBS
  16. B. VA (Bachelor of Veterinary Science And Animal Husbandry )
  17. Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
  18. B.A. (Bachelor Of Arts)
  19. CA Program
  20. C.S. Program
  21. Designing Courses
  22. Environmental Courses.
  23. Fashion Technology
  24. Film/ Television Courses
  25. Hotel Management
  26. Integrated M.Sc
  27. ICWA Program
  28. Journalism/Media Courses
  29. LLB.
  30. Travel & Tourism Courses

A (ii). Courses After 12th Science PCM

There are 20 Courses After 12th Science PCM, details are mentioned below

  1. B. Des
  2. B.A.
  3. BCA
  4. B.Com
  5. B.Sc
  6. Engineering Courses (B.Tech / B.E.)
  7. CA Program
  8. CS Program
  9. Designing Courses
  10. Diploma Courses
  11. Defense (Air force / Army / Navy)
  12. Engineering Course
  13. Environmental Courses
  14. Fashion Technology Course
  15. Hotel Management Course
  16. ICWA Program
  17. Journalism/Media Course
  18. LLB
  19. Television /Film Course
  20. Travel & Tourism Course

B. Engineering Course After 12th Science

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electrical & Communication Engineering
  5. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  6. Computer Science Engineering
  7. Biotechnology Engineering
  8. Petroleum Engineering
  9. Agriculture Engineering
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Aeronautics Engineering
  12. Textile Engineering
  13. Food technology Engineering

C. Management Course After 12th

There are nine types of management course after 12th science, details are mentioned below.

  1. BBA
  2. Event Management
  3. Finance Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Business Management
  6. Marketing Management
  7. MBA
  8. Operation Management
  9. Retail Management

D. Medical Course After 12th

There are nine types of Medical Courses After 12th Science, details are mentioned below

  1. BAMS
  2. BDS
  3. BHMS
  4. BUMS
  5. MBBS
  6. Medical Lab Technician
  7. Nursing
  8. Occupation Therapy
  9. Physiotherapy

E.  Law Courses After 12th Science

F.  Diploma Course After 12th Science

  1. Diploma in Animation & Multimedia
  2. Diploma in Animation Film Making
  3. Diploma in Air Hostess
  4. Diploma in Air Crew
  5. Diploma in Application Software Development
  6. Diploma in Cutting And Tailoring
  7. Diploma in Computer Application
  8. Diploma in Dress Designing
  9. Diploma in Beauty , Culture & Hair Designing
  10. Diploma in Drawing & Painting
  11. Diploma in Event Management
  12. Diploma in Computer Hardware
  13. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  14. Diploma in Web Designing
  15. Diploma in Graphic Designing
  16. Diploma in Textile Designing
  17. Diploma in Information Technology
  18. Diploma in Physical Medical & Rehabilitation
  19. Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management
  20. Diploma in Film Making And Digital Video Production
  21. Diploma in Print Media Journalism & Communication
  22. Diploma in Film Art & A/V Editing
  23. Diploma in Mass Media & Creative Writing
  24. Diploma in Mass Communication
  25. Diploma in HR Training
  26. Diploma in Foreign Language
  27. Diploma in Engineering / Polytechnic

G. Art & Humanities Courses After 12th Science

  1. Animation & Multimedia
  2. Aviation & Hospitality Management
  3. Hotel Management & Catering
  4. Fashion Technology
  5. Law Courses
  6. Language Courses
  7. Literary Arts
  8. Mass Communication
  9. Performing Art
  10. Visual Art  

Career Scope After 12th Science

There are many career options available for 12th standard science students. The best part of the science stream is that students can also go to other careers i.e. art, humanities or even in Korea.   To make a great career, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. After earning a bachelor’s degree, you can find employment in any area.

Candidates have the option to pursue higher education to expand their area of employment. In India, there are many colleges/universities running high degree courses in the science field.   Career opportunities for science students are also available in defense. After passing the 12th, any direct Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy can apply through the National Defense Academy.

Jobs After 12th

After completing 12th board examinations, the next battle you want to fight is between your passion and your parents’ advice.

It is true that your elderly are more experienced, and therefore, keep you in mind will give advice. They will encourage you to choose a career path that will provide you with a good salary, job security, the possibility of development and other benefits.

If your heart is in something that you are passionate, then do not compromise for a profession that you did not have the advantage.  

Now you are eligible to get the stage in the government and private sector. You can choose your job areas by the nature of the work you have done. Due to increasing industrialization in India, employment options are also increasing.

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