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B.Sc Agriculture Course , Eligibility , Opportunity , Salary

B. Sc Agriculture Course

B.Sc Agriculture Course is an undergraduate course that focuses on agricultural science and technology.

B.Sc Agriculture is about the cultivation of animals through the Production of Goods Plants. In this, the form provides Rural Engineering Work Experience Training and Hands Experience, which gives Confidence to the students of Agriculture. Students are taught in theoretical and practical ways on the basis of credit basis.

It is 4 years course with Physics , chemistry and biology. Such admissions can be done through admission entrance test and in some colleges, on the merit basis of the marks of 12th in some colleges.


Eligibility For B.Sc Agriculture Course

Eligibility For this B.Sc Agriculture Course is Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2. Some colleges , take admission of basis of 50% marks in these subjects. Such admissions can be done through admission entrance exams and in some colleges, on the merit basis of the marks of 12th in some colleges.

Who can do these courses?

Comes from Families, where agriculture is their occupation. They want to become a lecturer or a scientist in Agriculture. Wanna a research in Agriculture.

What are the benefits of this B Sc Agriculture Course?

  • You can join Central and State Government exams .
  • You can also find non Agricultural Managers or Inspectors jobs in Farm Related Companies.
  • You can easily start business like Farming , Plantations and Fisheries Mining .

Career in B Sc Agriculture Course

In the present time, the demand for trained agricultural experts in the field of agriculture is very high in the agriculture sector. In India, agricultural science is one of the preferred choice for agricultural jobs. After doing any course related to agriculture, you can apply for jobs in government and private organizations.

Today there are various employment opportunities available for Agricultural graduate candidates. This field can easily take you to highly paid jobs. The Agriculture sector provides job opportunities in horticulture, poultry, plant science, soil science, food science, animal science etc. Horticulture, dairy and poultry farming are included in the areas giving attractive returns in other agricultural areas.

Own employment opportunities are also available in this area. After completing graduation level education with some experience in this field, you can start your own business like agriculture business, agricultural products shop, agriculture industry etc.
After completing your masters degree in agriculture, you can work as a supervisor, distributor, researcher and engineer.

What is the employment area of ​​B Sc Agriculture Course?

There are too much opportunity of Job After B. Sc Agriculture

  • Farm manager
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Agricultural researcher 
  • Agriculture officer
  • Assistant Plantation Manager
  • Agricultural Research Scientist
  • Agriculture Development Officers
  • Agriculture Technician
  • Agriculturists
  • Business Development Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Rice Breeder
  • Seed Technologist
  • Junior Agriculture Specialist
  • Junior Associate – Research
  • Crop specialist
  • Fertilizer Sales Representative
  • Food microbiologist
  • Food researcher
  • Plant geneticist
  • Soil surveyor

Career Prospect in B. Sc Agriculture Course

There is tremendous potential for building careers in the field of agriculture. After completion of B Sc Agriculture, you can make a career as a scientist at the Agricultural Research Center. Apart from this, you will get many options after B. Sc Agriculture Course.

You can go for higher education like Ph D by choosing a subject in the field of Agriculture . After PhD, Government can make a career in Agriculture College. There are some some government department where job opportunity for B. Sc Agriculture are available.

  • Agricultural finance corporations
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • North Eastern Region Agricultural Marketing Corporation
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  • National Seeds Corporation Limited
  • State Farms Corporation of India
  • Food Corporation of India
  • National Dairy Development Board

Scope in B. Sc Agriculture Course

Private and government jobs are available after B Sc Agriculture Course. Talking about government jobs, the state agricultural department recruits graduates to fill the level of officer level.

Salary After B. Sc Agriculture Course

The average starting salary after completion of B. Sc agriculture Course is 2 -4.5 Lac per year.

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