Paramedical course, admission, career, scope and salary

paramedical course

Paramedical course

There is not only occupation in medical field , but the field of medicine is very big, and there are many immense possibilities of career and Paramedical Course is one of them.

Today we are going to tell you about paramedical course. Actually paramedical science works as a basis for medical science.

There are many job oriented courses such as Diagnosis, Physiotherapy, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medical Lab Technology are conducted in Paramedical Science.  

A science that is related to emergency services of a pre-hospital, it is called paramedical science.

What is this paramedical course?

We will give it to you today. Let the candidates who want to make a career in paramedical, tell them that in the field of paramedical science, vertebrae assessment of spinal cord injury management, fracture management, maternity, burn and evaluation, and visualization of normal accident.

Paramedical Course

  The increasing demand for skilled consulting specialists has opened many career opportunities for young candidates. Many paramedical institutions provides courses in the field of para-medicines at the certificate, degree and diploma level. We will tell you in this article how to do some of the paramedics, or what qualifications you have to do to make the paramedical. And you will get all the information related to it from here. Some popular paramedical courses are given below. Many paramedical institutions in India are offering courses in this field at the at the certificate, diploma level, bachelor, postgraduate level.

Educational qualification

Certificates, diplomas and degree courses are conducted in the Universities and Institutes from Paramedicals. For most courses, different qualifications are prescribed. Some institute merit hosts some institute examinations.

Para-medical courses can be completed after 10th, 12th. There are many courses after the 10th in the paramedical field. These courses vary in duration, such as six-month and one-year courses. There are some popular one-year courses include medical records technicians, radiologists and operation theater technology. ICU Technician, ECG Technician, Pharmacy Assistant, CT Technician and Endoscopy Technician, after completing 12th class, can do some six months course.


Paramedical Course Exams

  • NEET PG 
  • DSAT 
  • EPSI National Admission Test
  • MH CET
  • BHU PMT 
  • NEET 
  • AIIMS 

Level of Paramedical course

Those who have studied at 10th, 12th or undergraduate level. They can do paramedical. Tell the candidates who want to make a career in Paramedical. Paramedical courses in India are available in 3 main formats –

  • Bachelor degree course
  • Diploma Certificate Course
  • Certificate course

The increasing demand for skilled consulting specialists has opened many career opportunities for young candidates. Many paramedical institutions provides courses in the field of para-medicines at the certificate, degree and diploma level. Some popular paramedical courses are given below.  

1. Certificate course in Paramedical

  Certificate courses in paramedical are admission level courses. These are not valuable as their degree and diploma counterparts. A certification level paramedical course will help you get a job as a technician or assistant level job at relevant places.  After completing 10th or 12th,you can join certificate courses.

Certification in Paramedical Course

Eligibility criteria usually change from one institution to another and it is also depends on the nature of the curriculum.

  • ECG assistant
  • Dental assistant
  • Eye assistant
  • CT scan technician
  • Dialysis technician
  • MRI technician
  • Medical laboratory assistant
  • Operation theater assistant
  • Nursing Care Assistant (Certificate)
  • X-ray / radiology assistant (or technician)

2. Diploma course in Paramedical

  After completion of 10 + 2 or 10th you can join diploma course in paramedical. It depends only on the type of organization and course offered. There are some diploma courses mentioned below.

Diploma Courses in Paramedical

diploma course in paramedical
diploma course in paramedical
  • Diploma in physical therapy
  • Diploma in Anesthesia Technologies
  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  • Diploma in sanitary inspector
  • Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS)
  • Diploma in medical cleanliness
  • Diploma in Audiometry Technician
  • Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy
  • Diploma in ECG Technology
  • Diploma in Dialysis Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Records Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Technologies
  • Diploma in Operation Theater Technology (DOTT)
  • Diploma in x-ray technology
  • Diploma in Radiography and Medical Imaging

3. Bachelor course in Paramedical

After completion of 10+2 science stream (with PCB subjects) you can join Bachelor course in Paramedical.

Bachelor course in Paramedical
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • BSc in Speech Therapy
  • BASLP course
  • BSc in Audiology
  • BSc in Anesthesia Technologies
  • BSc in Audiology and Speech Therapy
  • BSc in Optometry
  • BSc in Medical Records Technology
  • BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BSc in Ophthalmic Technologies
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • BSc in Operation Theater Technology
  • BSc in X Ray Technology
  • BSc in radiography and medical imaging
  • BSc in Dialysis Technology

  The increasing demand for skilled counseling experts has opened many career opportunities for young candidates. Some of the most popular paramedical courses are given below.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help children with different needs, improve their cognitive, physical and motor skills and can enhance their self esteem and a sense of achievement.   A professional therapist physically rehabilitates the disabled and mentally retarded persons.

This kind of treatment has been provided through the involvement of various activities such as handicraft , manual and activities of industrial arts , entertainment and daily life.   Course: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is a 4-year program with a 6 month internship.  

Eligibility for admission:

Candidates must have passed Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is compulsory to apply for all the candidates in the entrance examination for admission to the BOT graduate program.   Job prospects: BOT graduates can get jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinical centers apart from offering freelance services.    


Physiotherapy is a healthcare business that is primarily related to the treatment of people with disabilities and disabled , and to promote mobility , functional capacity , quality of life and mobility through examination, assessment, diagnosis and physical intervention.  

A physiotherapist uses other therapeutic agents such as physical exercise therapy , heat , radiation , water , electricity and massages for the treatment of vulnerabilities and reconstruction of damaged muscles, joints and bones.

Course: Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year program with a 6 month internship.   Essential qualification for admission: A candidate must have passed Class 12 with minimum 50% marks in Chemistry, including biology, physics and applied. This course depends on the candidate’s entry eligibility and performance in the entrance examination. .  

Medical Laboratory

There are diagnostics and diseases related tests. It comes in the field of Clinical Technologies, Micro Biology, Blood Bank and Immunology. Do the work related to the routine test under the guidance of technologist and supervisor in the Medical Technician Laboratory.    


There are ventures to make pharmaceutical items, create pharmaceutical generation strategies and quality control. Drug specialists can work in medication fabricating organizations, private or government foundations identified with research, dispensaries and therapeutic stores.
Pharmacists is work on the delivery of medicines written by doctors . They can also work as a medical representative .      


Diagnostic test is done through radiation in radiography. Let us tell you that this includes X-ray, ultra sound, CT scan and MRI etc. A radiographer works with the medical team.   Students who have passed out of Science stream can do BSc in Radiography. Apart from this, there is an option of certificate and diploma course.      


Under it, the structure of the human eye and its functioning method is included. In this, the initial symptoms of the eyes, the use of lenses and other problems are tested. You can do a degree or diploma course in optometrics.  

Government Jobs in the field of Paramedical

Government jobs can go out of these positions-  

  • Sub-inspector (staff nurse)
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector (Electro Cardiography Technician)
  • Head Constable (nurse / ANM)
  • Sub-inspector (physiotherapy)
  • Assistant sub-inspector (pharmacist)
  • Head constable (marathon)

Paramedical science is an area that can provide a sense of satisfaction for the prospect of better work and professionals in the medical field.

Paramedical Jobs

After doing a paramedical course, the students also looks for paramedical jobs. After completing Diploma or Certificate course in Paramedical, you can work as a laboratory technician or assistant in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, public health centers or commercial laboratories.

Apart from this, other opportunities include

  • Clinic with in-house lab
  • Commercial labs
  • Government hospital
  • Public health center
  • Private hospital

Top Paramedical Institutes 

  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute
  • Paramedical Institute of Technology
  • Kailash Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences
  • DIPS Paramedical and Management Institute
  • Hindustan Medical Sciences Institute Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Prosthetics and Athorpidics (Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi)
  • CMC, Bangalore, Jaslok Hospital; Mumbai, AIIMS; new Delhi
  • KMC, Valur, AIIMS; new Delhi,
  • Institute of Physically Handicapped, New Delhi, School of Physiotherapy; Mumbai
  • Degree Paramedical College, Etawah, Safai
  • Impact Paramedical and Health Institute College Delhi India
  • Delhi Paramedical and Management and Institute
  • AIIMS, New Delhi, CMC, Ludhiana
  • Dental College, Lucknow, Dental College; Bengaluru, Madas Medical College; Chennai, Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram

Scope after Paramedical Course

The necessities of Paramedical experts like Nursing Assistant, Lab Technicians, Radiology Technicians, Physiotherapist, and Pharmacists will clearly increment. As a report indicates, the Indian paramedical section will increase with the growth rate of 15% in the coming 4 years.

The Government will like wise open 1.50 lakh well being focuses the nation over to circulate free of cost meds and give therapeutic checkups to the general population.  

Best Paramedical Course Recruiters

  • SAROJ Super Specialty Hospital
  • Diagno Labs
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Sri Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Batra Hospital
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Cygnus
  • Medanta
  • Eye
  • GTB hospitals

Salary after Paramedical Course

After doing paramedical, your salon depends on the courses you have done and your experience, your skills and organization. Your salary package can range from 150,000 to 450,000 per year.

FAQs Related Paramedical Course  

1. What is Paramedical Course ?

Ans : Actually paramedical science works as a basis for medical science. Many job oriented courses are avilable such as Diagnosis, Physiotherapy, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medical Lab Technology are conducted in Paramedical Science.

A science that is related to the emergency services of a pre-hospital, it is called paramedical science. 

Furthermore, the individual working in this field is alluded to as a co worker.

2. What are Paramedical Course After 12th ?

Ans : There are many courses in Paramedical field like certification, diploma in Paramedical, Bachelor in in Paramedical and many. For More information Click Here

3. What is duration of Paramedical Course ?

Ans : The duration of Paramedical course are varies from 1.5 Year to 4 years as per courses you choose. The certification course and diploma course varies between 12 Month To 24 Months and the degree courses varies between 18 months 48 Months.

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